Present:  Wendy Bircher, Therese Millis, Amy Cooper, Jackie Underwood, Kim Noyes, Brittney Norman, Barbara Christensen, Greg McManus, Regina Scheffing, Alicia Souvignier, Tony Flores


Next Meeting:  March 18, 2009 PTA Lab Room #55333


I.    Announcements:

·        Previous PTA Advisory Board Meeting Minutes are now available on the PTA Program website:


II.   Old Business:

·        Continued additions to library to supplement material for licensing exams.

·        Budgets changes for online and on-campus programs may continue, due to the economy.


III. New Business:

·          Pass Rate for the Class of 2007 is 100%

·          Pass Rate for the Class of 2008 is 66% (6/11 have taken exam; 4 have passed)

·          Online Class of 2009 (19) – Five students are on a formal plan of action for academic reasons

·          On-Campus Class of 2009 (7) – All students are on their full-time clinical rotations

·          On-Campus Class of 2010 – 9 students have been accepted into the program

·          Online Class of 2010 – 21 students were been accepted into the program.  Students are from the

  following places:


Ø  Santa Fe, NM

Ø  Pagosa Springs, CO

Ø  Albuquerque, NM

Ø  Hot Springs, AR

Ø  Morro Bay, CA

Ø  Lockeford, CA

Ø  Alamogordo, NM

Ø  Socorro, NM

Ø  Cayucos, CA

Ø  Marshalltown, OH

Ø  Homedale, ID

Ø  Rapid city, SD

Ø  Lafayette, LA

Ø  Grand Rapids, MI

Ø  Boise, ID

Ø  St. Martinville, LA

Ø  New Braunfels, TX

Ø  Roselle, IL

Ø  St. Pauls, NC

Ø  Edinburg, TX

Ø  Santa Teresa, NM


·        Section One of the Self Study has been reviewed by PTA Program faculty.  It will be sent to college departments for responses, following that, the Advisory Board will review it

·        The PTA Program faculty have completed the revisions of all course syllabi and ensured compliance with the “Normative Model of Physical Therapist Education:  Version 2007”

·        Review of the PTA Program’s Systematic Evaluation Plan Overview to continue compliance with CAPTE’s evaluative criteria on an annual basis

·        Due to challenges with the criminal background check, this policy is in the process of being revised, with legal assistance from the college’s attorney.  The current online background assessment includes the following checks:


o   Patriot Act

o   Social Security Alert

o   Residency History

o   Criminal Records

o   Nationwide Database

o   NM Healthcare Fraud & Abuse Scan


·       The PTA Program Mission Statement was revised and the Advisory Board Members accepted the revisions (this statement will be re-evaluated and revised at a later date)

·       The PTA Program may host an APTA Credentialing Course for Clinical Instructors in May 2009, more information to come 

·       Tuition will increase beginning this summer 2009 semester from:


o   $30/credit hour to $32/credit hour for in-state residents

o   $40/credit hour to $70/credit hour for out-of-state residents


·        Based on Board approval from the college, the PTA Program may initiate additional program fees for travel to online and on-campus clinical externships at the following rate:


o   $150/semester for on-campus students

o   $250/semester for online students


·        Review of the APTA’s Minimum Competencies of Physical Therapist Assistant Graduates at Entry Level was submitted to the board for their review

·       The College is in the process of developing a Health Science Career Brochure to highlight the programs offered on-campus

·        Discussion regarding the new wing of the Health Science building for the PTA Program

·        Discussed the discontinuation of interviews in the admissions process for the PTA Program Acceptance is now based on the following:


o   GPA (65%)

o   Health Occupation Aptitude Exam (20%)

o   References (15%)

o   New Mexico Resident (5%)

o   Re-applicant credit for students’ waitlisted the previous year (1%)


IV. Upcoming Workshops:


·          Free Power Point Presentation on the general concepts of the PTA MACS for 6.0 CEU’s

·          Free Power Point Presentation on the specific skills of the PTA MACS for 4.0 CEU’s


Wendy Bircher, PT. EdD.                                                1-15-09

On-Campus PTA Program Director                                          Date


Therese        Millis, PT                                        

Online PTA Program Director