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Center for Teaching Excellence

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Center for Teaching Excellence

Where do I find information about the Farmington area?
Is there an online portal for San Juan College? What can I do through it?
How often will I get paid? How do I set up direct deposit?
What if I lose my computer password or have computer issues?
What recreational and wellness services are available to Adjunct Faculty?
Do I need an ID card?
Can my spouse, kids, or I take classes at San Juan College? Is there a cost?
What does the Student Success Center do?
Where can I go for more information about Academic Advising?
Where can I learn about the Career Center Office?
What do I need to know about grading policies at San Juan College?
What do I need to know about student privacy (aka FERPA) and where can I keep up-to-date on FERPA guidelines?
Am I required to keep office hours?
Does San Juan have guidelines on writing course guides?
Where can I make copies for class?
Where can I find information about my courses, including rosters, links to post midterm and final grades, and other helpful information?
How can I improve my teaching?
Where can I get information about the library and its resources for faculty? Resources for students?
How can I learn about using technology in my classes?
What "Learning Management System" system does San Juan use? How do I learn more?
What is AQIP?
What does the Writing Center do?
Are the tutors able to help my students in courses other than first-year composition?
Will the tutors do my students' work for them?
Where can I find the organizational structure of San Juan College?
How do I set up my class roster?
What do I need to know about copyright issues? How can I learn more?
How do I know if students dropped my class?
How does San Juan handle course evaluations?
What resources are available for faculty teaching distance courses such as online courses?
How do I get to the Canvas homepage?
Where can I find tutorials on how to use Canvas?
How can I incorporate service learning into my courses? What resources are available for such an undertaking?
How can I create a better PowerPoint presentation?