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Transfer Center

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Transfer Center

Is the coursework harder at a baccalaureate institution?
Will I be eligible for scholarships and/or financial aid as a transfer student?
I heard I can get a bachelor degree at SJC, is that true?
Do I need to take a foreign language to get into a University?
I completed the General Studies AS degree but I still don't know what to major in when I transfer, is that a problem?
How can I know that the classes I take at SJC will transfer?
Once I have earned my AS or AA degree am I guaranteed to get into my major at a university?
How long will it take me to finish my bachelor degree after I transfer?
I have a lot of 'W's. Is that a problem?
I have bad grades at another college and want to start over. Do I have to report that I attended that school?
What happens if I don't report all the previous schools I attended?
Can I change my major after I transfer?
When do I apply to transfer?
I repeated a class. Why is my first class still on my transcript and why hasn't my GPA changed?
When is SJC's Graduation Application deadline?
How do I have my SJC transcript sent to a college or university for admissions?