Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Veterinary Technology

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General Program Information

How is the program structured?
When can I begin the program?
Is the program nationally accredited?
Is there more information on AVMA accreditation criteria for veterinary technology programs?
How long does it take to complete the program?
What is the difference between the Certificate and the AAS degree programs?
Will I ever have to travel to the main campus for testing or evaluation?
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Course Requirements

What prerequisites and general studies classes are required to complete the program?
Is there a list of all the required classes for the A.A.S. degree?
Will my pervious college work transfer for required prerequisites and program classes?
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Financial Considerations

Is financial aid available for the program?
What is the approximate cost of tuition and books?
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How to Apply

How long does it take to apply to the College and be admitted?
What forms and documentation are required for the program?
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Advising and Registration

How do I schedule an appointment with the program advisor?
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Technology and Course Access

What computer and software is required to complete the program?
How do I access my classes each term?
How are the courses structured?
How do I contact my instructors?
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Off-Campus Clinical Instructional Site (OCCI) Requirements

What are the hands-on clinical requirements and tasks for the program?
What are the criteria for a clinical site in Tier 2, 3, and 4?
What species of animals are necessary to meet OCCI requirements?
Can you help place students in OCCI sites that do not already have one?
How long does it take to complete clinical hands-on assignments?
How does the program verify studentís clinical work?
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Fast Track Labs

What are Fast Track Labs?
Is there an overview presentation for the labs?
What is the best way to get to Waco?
When are the labs held?
What is the cost of the labs?
How long do the labs run and what is the schedule for the labs?
What should I bring to the labs?
Where do students stay during the labs?
Which species will students be working with?
What if I chose not to attend the labs?
Can friends or family members accompany students to the labs?
Are there things to do in Waco for family members and friends?
If I have more specific questions about the Fast Track Labs, whom should I contact?
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Additional Questions

If I have additional questions, how do I contact the program?