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Disability Services

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Disability Services FAQs

Where is the Disability Service Office located?
What is a disability?
How can the Disability Services help me?
What does the term “accommodation” mean?
Who is eligible for services and "reasonable accommodation"?
How do I request Disability Services?
What can I expect from the intake appointment?
What forms do I need to bring for the initial meeting?
Does SJC provide or fund evaluations to determine if I have a disability?
Who will know that I have a disability?
What types of services and/ or accommodations are offered to Disability Services Students?
What is my role in making accommodations work?
Do I have to request accommodations each semester?
Do I have to pay for the assistive technology that I need?
Is there a due date for the Request for Services Form?
Why does my friend have the accommodation of extended test time but I don’t?
I have a disability but don’t need any accommodations. Do I need to notify the Disability Services Office?
How do instructors know I have accommodations?
I have the letters of accommodations to give to my instructors but I don’t think I need them for one of my classes. Do I still have to give them to the instructor?
I have a temporary injury that impacts my learning. Can I get accommodations?
Does the Disability Services Office provide tutoring?
I’m a dual credit student with an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) or 504 Plan. Doesn’t the college have to follow it?
Are there “special ed classes or “pull outs” in college?
I am having a hard time in my classes because English is not my primary language. Can I get accommodations?
What should I do if my accommodation needs are not being met?
What should I do if I have an academic dispute with my professor?
What should I do if I believe I’ve experienced discrimination because of my disability?
I have a disability but wanted to try classes without accommodations and now my grades are low. Can I get accommodations retroactively?
Are waivers or substitutions of courses that are required by SJC possible?
Could I be considered “too disabled” to attend SJC?
I need to take placement or licensing exams proctored by an outside agency. What do I need to do to obtain accommodations for these tests?
Do you have a question or concern that you don’t see listed here?
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Disability test

Do you have a question or concern that you don’t see listed here?