Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Administrative Services

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3rd Party Billing, Charging, and Refunds

When will I be receiving my Pell money and when can I pick it up?
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What are your store hours?
When is your book buyback and do I need my receipt?
When can I charge my books to my financial aid and what do I need to bring?
What is your refund policy?
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Budget & Finance

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What are the new construction projects and where are they located?
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Who do I call if there is a spill?
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What do I do if the clock is not working?
What do I do if the power is not working?
What do I do if lights are burned out in a room?
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If I don't have Adobe Acrobat, can I still use an online form?
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Locksmith Services

How do I request keys or an electronic access card?
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Mail Center

When does the postal rate increase happen?
Are Forever Stamps really good after the rate increase happens?
Can I pay for stamps by either a personal check or by putting them on a college account?
Can I send a package in the postal system to arrive in one or two days?
Can I send packages to international destinations from the mail center?
Do you take credit or debit cards for services at the Mail Center?
I have a UPS or FED EX package that was signed for. When will you deliver it to me?
I am new to the College. How often is my mail delivered to me at my work station?
When do I have to have my mail to the Mail Center for it to be delivered to the Post Office?
What are the services that are offered in the Mail Center?
I have a package already labeled for FED EX or UPS. Can I leave it with the Mail Center?
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Who do I call for a maintenance emergency?
I donít see the question that I want to ask.
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What do I do if I see graffiti on campus?
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Student Registration

When do I register and pay for my classes?
What is the last day I can pay before you drop my classes?
Where can I get my class schedule?
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Support Services

Didn't your department used to be called Auxiliary Services?
What do you do in Support Services?
I donít see the question that I want to ask.
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What do I do if I loose money in a campus vending machine?
Where are your "reimbursement" stations for refunds?
May I get a cash refund at any refund location?
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