Online Readiness

Learning online is a great way to learn, but may not be the best option for everyone. Here is a short questionnaire that will help you determine if online learning is a good fit for you. You will be asked questions that were developed after years of experience working with online students.

To begin, click on the Online Readiness Questionnaire link. When finished you will be given a number that when placed on the online readiness scale will give you an idea of how ready you are to learn online. If you get stuck or have further questions you can click on any of the connect tools listed at the bottom of this page.


Online Courses

So you are interested in taking online classes at San Juan College? Great! We offer a variety of degrees and online courses.

If you click on the online degree link you will be shown a list of the degree and certificate programs we offer, along with additional information and a primary contact for each program.

If you are just interested in taking an online course click on the and you will be shown a list of the courses we are currently offering this semester. Included on this page is a link to “more Information” pages for most courses and the email address for each instructor.

Online Student Orientation

Go to You should see this page.


The usual username for CANVAS (and your portal) will be: your first initial, middle initial, full last name and the the last two digits of your Social Security Number.

  • Example: Joe M Smith “jmsmith86”
    If you have no middle initial in our database then the username will not have a middle initial either
  • Example: Joe Smith “jsmith86”
    If your last name is hyphenated or your last name is longer that 11 characters then the hyphen is removed and the username is shortened to use only 15 total characters.
  • Examples:
    Joseph Jonathan Penasse-Smith “jjpenassesmit86”
    Joseph M Carrasquillo “jmcarrasquill86”
    the password will be sjcp and the last 4 of your student ID number unless you have changed it
  • Example: “sjcp7982”

On the left-hand side of the canvas page click on Dashboard then click on NSO-101-605
Go through the orientation on Canvas.