Assessment Lab

Fitness Coordinator Chris Keating is pictured with the Bod Pod

Fitness Coordinator Chris Keating is pictured with the Bod Pod

Call 566-3115 or 566-3414 to make an appointment.  Assessments are included in an HHPC membership.

The Assessment Lab at San Juan College offers several different types of tests to measure the five components of physical fitness. These tests include cardiovascular, flexibility, strength, muscle endurance and body composition assessments. Assessments are a great tool for the beginning exerciser to construct a Personal Fitness Program, or for the continuing exerciser to evaluate the efficacy of their current program. Following the test, an appointment will be made to set you up on your own program where you will learn to properly utilize equipment in the FCC that will help you reach your fitness goals. The following are the specific tests offered at the Assessment Lab:

VO2 Sub-maximal Test: The sub-maximal test can be performed on either a treadmill or bicycle. While the sub-maximal test is not as accurate at assessing cardio respiratory fitness as the maximal test, it still supplies the information needed without the extreme discomfort of going to maximal levels. In this test, the load is progressively increased until the subject reaches 85% of their maximal heart rate, and there is no mask.

Muscular Endurance Tests: In these tests, the participant performs as many crunches and push-ups as they can in one minute.

Muscular Strength: This test measures the static strength of the biceps by holding a curl bar at 90 degrees and pulling as hard as possible for five seconds.

Flexibility Testing: The flexibility of the hamstrings and low back are measured in the sit and reach test where the participant is seated with straight legs on the floor and reaches forward as far as possible.

Body Composition: Percentage of body fat can be assessed through the following methods.

  • Bod Pod
  • Electrical Impedance
  • Calipers 

*NON-FACILITY USERS PAY A $7.00 day pass fee for assessments.