College Automotive Program

The Chrysler College Automotive Program

College Automotive Program (AAS.CAPP) 91-92 credit hours
Domestic Manufacturers Certificate - Chrysler Program (CER.CAPP.DM) 84 credit hours
Domestic Chrysler Electrical, Emissions & Perf. Tech (CER.CAPP.EEPT) 29 credit hours
Domestic Chrysler Heavy Line Repair Technician (CER.CAPP.HLRT) 21 credit hours
Domestic Chrysler Light Line Repair Technician (CER.CAPP.LLRT) 19 credit hours

2002 Jeep SaharaThe College Automotive Program (CAP) is part of a nationwide effort by Chrysler to produce the industry's best automotive technicians. San Juan College, is an ASE/NATEF certified institution in partnership with Chrysler.Classes will begin on odd numbered years during the fall semester.

The CAP program offers the latest in instruction and hands on experience. Chrysler provides the latest vehicles, components, and instructional materials, plus high-tech diagnostic equipment, for hands-on training. Class size is limited to preserve a good student to instructor ratio. Every instructor is a Chrysler trained, experienced professional.

Dodge Super8In addition to college training, students will be required to intern at a participating Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, or Jeep dealership. Not only will students learn about repair procedures for Chrysler vehicles, but they will also learn about dealership service operations. During the internship, students will receive hourly wages and pay increases based on performance.  Students must commit to working a minimum of two years with their sponsoring dealership after graduation.

Students can choose from a number of agreement options. The CAP Agreement is a two-year plan (a two-year internship, during which students are paid an hourly wage and are responsible for 100 percent of tuition and book costs). The CAP Contract is a four-year plan (two-year internship and two-year employment commitment) which is similar to the Agreement,Logo except that tuition and book costs are shared by the student and dealer.

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