The Employee Assistance Program—EAP, for short-is a free resource for counseling and support services.  It’s provided to help you resolve issues and problems quickly - so you can stay healthy, happy and productive.  The EAP can benefit you, your dependents and household members in a variety of ways.

Just call and explain your situation.  An EAP professional will listen carefully and refer you to the right resource for your specific need.  Or, if you’re dealing with a crisis, a counselor is there to help you right away. 

The EAP is available to you and all the members of your household.

  • It is completely confidential.
  • Referrals are available 24 hours a day.
  • You will be able to have an appointment in 48 hours, often times sooner.
  • This is part of your employee benefits.  It is prepaid.
  • You have access to four sessions with a licensed counselor with no co-payment.

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When should you contact the EAP?

Call when you need guidance or advice.
Call when you need information or a referral.
Call when you need help.