Workers' Compensation

Injured on the Job?


  1. Notify supervisor and seek medical attention at the nearest medical facility.  The medical facility will call SJC for authorization.  Calls should be directed to the Workers' Compensation Administrator, Sherrie Biringer.  After hours notify security - prior authorization is not necessary for injuries incurred after hours.

  2. Sherrie should be notified as soon as possible in order to provide authorization or to notify the medical facility of your arrival. 

    A "Notice of Accident Form" must be completed within 15 days (usually the same day or the following day) of the injury and returned to the Human Resources Office.  Both the employee and the supervisor must sign accident form.

  3. Before the injured employee may return to work, a "Return to Work" slip (RTW) from the medical facility must be returned to the Human Resources Office.  This form will state whether the employee is unable to return to work, may return on light duty, or may return to full duty.  The RTW will also indicate a return to work date.

  4. If a prescription is needed, ask the pharmacist to call Sherrie for authorization.  For injuries after hours, prescriptions are dispensed with authorization obtained the following work day.

Medical, surgical and drug expenses are paid for on-the-job injuries or occupational diseases incurred while working for the College subject to approval by the College's insurance carrier, Occupational Helathcare Management Service (OHMS).  The college does not designate the provider for the employee's initial care.  All employees (regular faculty and staff, student workers, and part-time temporary employees) are eligible for this benefit.

NOTE:  Wage disability benefits are not paid for an injury that results in 7 or less days of lost work time.  Wages for the first seven calendar days will be paid from the employee's accrued sick leave.  If sick leave is exhausted, the employee may elect to use annual leave.