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Make sure you have visited with the Work Study Coordinator located in the Financial Aid Office before you attempt to interview for any of the available positions listed to the left.

You must have filed a current FAFSA application and it must be completely processed by the San Juan College Financial Aid Office before a Work Study Packet or Approval to Work/Interview form will be provided to you. If you have questions about eligibility, Work Study Awards or how to participate in the Work Study Program, view the Work Study website or contact our office at (505) 566-3323.

Timesheet Information

Timesheets must be filled out with:

Name - (John Doe)       Social Security -    ### - ## - ####  or Employee ID

Job Title - Work study   Department -

Account Number - Ex. ## - ## - ## - ####  -  Object Code

The following are the object codes: (5562 State), (5560 Federal), and  (5564 Institutional). You will find the full account number on SJC Student Employment Transaction Form or the Approval to Interview/Work Form. I will send copies of the SJC Transaction, Approval to Interview/Work, Application and Requirements Agreement Forms to the employer/dept. as soon as the student is officially hired).

The timesheet must be signed by student and employer and MUST be submitted to the Personnel Office by the timesheet deadlines or there may be a delay in payment.

Work Study Forms