Tutoring and Academic Support  

Tutoring is an essential component of the EDGE program.  Each semester a tutoring schedule will be posted for students to see when the tutors will be available and what subjects each tutors can assist with.  Each participant will have access to tutors in the Academic Lab area.

Evaluations are conducted frequently by the staff to ensure that the tutoring relationship is beneficial to those participating. You can contact the EDGE Academic Specialist if you have questions or need tutoring support.

Academic support is also provided through study groups conducted by experienced students, staff, tutors and faculty. Participation in study groups provides students with an opportunity to work with and learn from one another under the supervision of someone who can enhance the learning experience and provide accurate answers to a variety of questions.

EDGE staff will also meet regularly with students to evaluate and critique learning styles to enhance study skills. Tips for effective studying and time management are continually provided as an attempt to improve each individuals learning process and increase the level of exam preparation.