EDGE Participant Agreement

To gain the full benefits of being an EDGE participant, students are requested to make a commitment to the program and his/her personal success. This means all participants:

  • Agree to be a full-time student (24 credit hours per year) and maintain a minimum semester GPA of 2.3.
  • Agree to attend classes regularly.
  • Agree to meet with his/her advisor for a needs assessment (which is a "game plan" you and your advisor create at the beginning of the semester to help ensure your success!)
  • Agree to complete a progress report (this occurs at mid-terms- and is EXTREMELY helpful since instructors are not required to give out mid-term reports.  You get the opportunity of seeing where you stand in your classes BEFORE the drop date.)
  • Agree to meet with your advisor BEFORE registration.
  • Agree to attend one workshop and one cultural event each semester.