Library Gallery

Conceived in the Light

a black and white photography exhibit by Connie Gotsch

May 22 through June 21, 2003

Opening Reception:
Thursday, May 22 2:30 - 4:30

Conceived in the Light

The Library Gallery at San Juan College will display “Conceived in the Light,” a collection of photographs by Connie Gotsch, from May 22 through June 21. An opening reception will be held Thursday, May 22, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Gotsch studied photography in New York at the School of Visual Arts at a time when anyone interested in photojournalism studied the work of Alfred Stiegitz, pioneer of the candid shot with a hand-held camera. Gotsch loved prowling streets, learning to shoot natural light, and looking for the form it gave to objects. To get the best exposure, she would take several shots at different lens openings and shutter speeds, and chose the best.

Conceived in the LightWhen she came to Farmington, however, Gotsch discovered that the Western United States had a different photographic guru – Ansel Adams. Adams used large format cameras on a tripod to photograph landscapes and invented the zone system, a special method of exposure for black and white film. He spent a time setting up equipment and waited hours for the right exposure.

Gotsch says she had worked enough with large-format cameras to know she didn’t enjoy them, and she liked to respond to what she saw in a moment. So, she compromised, keeping her hand-held cameras and learning Adams’ exposure system.Conceived in the Light

The “Conceived in the Light” photographs are of subjects that attracted Gotsch’s eye, from wherever she was standing when she spotted them. All the images in this exhibit were taken in New Mexico.

Conceived in the Light

Since 1994 photographs by Connie Gotsch have been included in dozens of exhibits throughout Colorado and New Mexico.





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