Welcome to the Department of Art!

Welcome To The Department of ArtThe art department offers a vibrant and engaging program designed for both students who plan careers in art and those who want to expand their knowledge of visual world. Small classes ensure an exciting exchange of ideas with fellow classmates, and a close working relationship with professors. Areas of study include art history, ceramics, drawing, design, painting, photography, and sculpture.

Our Mission

  • Our students will grow and develop within a nourishing environment, participating in a visual arts curriculum that examines historical context, contemporary issues while balancing both theory and practice.
  • Above all, we teach our students to be creative problem-solvers with open, responsible and flexible attitudes, capable of generating multiple solutions to contemporary visual challenges.
  • We foster a regionally and nationally recognized faculty who practice a balanced dedication to teaching, artistic execution and promotion of the arts.
  • We are committed to maintaining up-to-date curriculum in tandem with liberal arts breadth and foundation.
  • We continually emphasize safety and working environment conducive to creative learning and individualized attention.
  • We prepare our students to be competitive in the visual arts job market and exhibition circuit.
  • We are committed to ongoing interaction with and recognition of our alumnae.

For more information, please call Bill Hatch at 505-566-3281. Or send an email to