Pre-Course Survey For Online Students

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Question 1
Online courses require some basic technical skills. Please tell us which tasks or functions you are comfortable with. Select all that may apply.

Internet: modem, ISP set-up, connection
Internet: browsers, navigation, search
Email: send/receive, reply/forward
Email: attaching files to send out, opening attachments sent to you
File Formatting: Save As, file types, file extensions (.txt, .doc, .html, .MP3, .jpg and many more!)
File Operations: download, install, upload, compress/uncompress ("Zip/Unzip")
File Organization: file locations, file folders, file directories
File Size (KB, MB): knowing what can be emailed/saved to a floppy disk, what is too big to email/save to a floppy disk
Software: Launch or Start Program, File/Open, File/New, File/Save or Save As
Software: File/Open, Edit/Select All, Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste, File/Import
Group Communication Tools: bulletin board/discussion, chat

Question 2
Is this your first time in an online course?


Question 3
In online classes, instructions may be vague, assignments unclear, and resources may not be presented. How do you handle situations where the questions and answers are not spelled out?

Choose the one best answer.

Ask someone else in the class for clarification.
Ask a question to the class, see what anyone else thinks.
Ask the instructor for clarification.
Review only my course notes and any other course material - I don't do extra work to complete an assignment.
If I can't understand what the point is, I usually skip it.

Question 4
Why did you sign up for this online class? Select all that apply.

I thought it fit my time schedule better than a face to face class.
I thought it fit my learning style better than a face to face class.
I thought it fit my communication style better than a face to face class.
I didn't really want to, but I needed this class this semester, and the face to face class was closed or it didn't fit my schedule.
I didn't care so much about schedule, learning style or communication style, I just don't like being in a classroom.
Spend more time with my family.
Keep my job while taking this class.
Transportation issues or distance from campus.

Question 5
Goals may be defined as "What you want out of this class". In this online course, do you feel you will develop skills you can apply to real life situations, such as your job, your other classes, or your life outside of school?

I hope so

Question 6
Success in an online course often depends on how well you know how the Internet tools work. Would you be willing to attend an orientation session before the semester started?


Question 7
Is there anything else you would like us to know about your experience?