The Tutoring Center

The ultimate goal of the Tutoring Program is to help each student become an independent life-long learner.

Peer and professional tutors are available to help SJC, GED, and University Program students in a variety of subjects. San Juan College tutors receive ongoing training to insure students are receiving the best services possible. Please bring your San Juan College Student ID and any other helpful materials, such as the class syllabi, handouts, textbooks, assignment sheets, and instructor comments. These materials provide us with information that allows us to provide the best services possible. Course specific online tutorials are also available.

All tutoring services are free!

Tutor Responsibilities

Tutoring is a learning partnership. Both the tutor and the student have responsibilities.

Our Tutors will:

  • stay current on topics related to their subject area(s) by attending training regularly
  • assist students in identifying problem areas through question and answer
  • know the subject material
  • be familiar with different approaches to learning
  • keep private information confidential
  • help build student confidence
  • respect different cultures and backgrounds
  • require students to adhere to the Student Success Center Tutoring Agreement
  • make appropriate referrals to the instructor or other student support services as needed

Tutors won't:

  • have all the answers
  • complete a student's assignment
  • edit papers
  • allow students to drop off work
  • help with take-home tests
  • impose their personal values on a student, nor allow a student to impose their values on them 

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