Note: This checklist is for you to find out whether you have basic technical skills to teach online. To rate your own skills, simply click the radio button next to each question in the Rating column. When finish, click the Check My Score button on the bottom of the page. You will see a result page with your rating score. The result page may also display suggested links for you to improve certain skills based on your rating. The rating score of this checklist is for your own purpose. It is not sent or stored in a database.


Name (enter your name here): Date: 2/6/2016  


Rating Key:

3 = Proficient No further instruction necessary
2 = Satisfactory Meets minimum standards, could use additional practice.
1 = Needs Improvement Does not meet minimum standards. Continued practice
0 = Unsatisfactory Possesses no skills or knowledge of this competency



Basic Operating System
Start and turn off a computer
 Install and upgrade application
 Open a program
Create, save, backup, organize, and delete files
 Create a folder and move files into it
 Rename a file
 Start and exit out of a program
 Open an existing document
 Use passwords
Minimize, maximize, and resize windows
 Protect against computer viruses
Mouse Skills
Click and double click on a desired target
Utilize the scroll bars to navigate on screen
Select text by highlighting and undoing highlighting by clicking elsewhere on the page
Use the right mouse button (where applicable)
Use windows to go back and forth between multiple documents open in the same program
Word Processing Skills
Open/close a word-processing program
Enter and edit text
Save file to hard or floppy drive
Print files
Format document
Presentation Graphics
Describe some of the features of PowerPoint that make it a powerful presentation tool
Use PowerPoint to create, modify and show presentation graphics
List ways to use a presentation package to enhance a classroom presentation
Explain the instructional benefit of presentation tools as a classroom delivery method
Apply good organizational and communication skills, including facility with writing in the English language
Use a software package to create, modify and show presentation graphics
Access the Internet from a computer configured with a web browser, appropriate e-mail software, and word-processing software
Troubleshoot problems and utilize appropriate support systems
E-Mail Competencies
Use the institution’s email system to create, retrieve, read and respond to email messages
Attach and send a file to email message and access attached files
Internet Browser Competencies
Install and configure the appropriate version of Internet browser(s)
Install and configure browser add-ons/plug-ins
Open/close a browser
Navigate to different websites
Create/find/use a Bookmark or Favorite
Open a second browser window and navigate between the two windows
Save/print contents of a browser window