SJC CQIN Projects


San Juan College sends a faculty team to the Summer Institute and a new project developed or adapted from the team learning for San Juan College will be supported and included in the year’s Quality initiatives.



Members: Dr. Callie Vanderbilt, Gerald Williams, Joseph Mischel, and Lynn Onken

Project: School of Science On-line Quality Student Classroom Evaluation

This project was adapted from the Mayo Medical School Model of student evaluation. The faculty desired an on-line alternative to the traditional classroom evaluation and questions that would assist in improvement department and instructor performance.

The evaluation requests information about the student themselves; their view of the techniques, materials, and pace of the course; the learning resources provided; and examinations. Students access the form anonymously during a class session to complete the evaluation.

For a view of the Evaluation Questions click the following link:
Student Evaluation Form

For further information contact:
Lynn Onken, Senior Director of Organizational Development