Sandoval Support Staff Excellence

Note: This award was made possible by the generosity of Bert Levine of Farmington, NM in 2004.

Purpose: To recognize the efforts and contributions of selected college support staff employees whose work has supported the accomplishment and spirit of the San Juan College vision.

Timeframe: The award will be presented at the San Juan College graduation ceremonies every year.

Process: A rotating committee of two support staff, one faculty member, and one professional/administrative staff will oversee the process. This committee will send out announcements asking for nominations from supervisors or peers, develop the criteria for the award, design the nomination form, collect and review the nominees, and present recommendations to the President. The committee may also submit nominations and/or solicit specific nominations to ensure that the pool provides top quality and representative candidates. The Senior Director of Organizational Development will serve as a non-voting facilitator of the process.

Criteria and Selection Procedures

The selected candidate must exhibit a positive attitude and approach to their job and work group. The desired candidate should do beyond their duty, contribute to the overall functioning of the college, and promote a harmonious workplace. Specifically:

  1. Length of Service: The candidate must have been employed at San Juan College more than 10 years.
  2. Quality Customer Service: The candidate must display an obvious responsive-ness to their customers, internal or external and a desire to serve their constituents with ‘beyond ordinary and expected’ measures.
  3. Exemplary Performance in Position: The candidate must embrace innovation and continuous improvement in the position, assisting in the overall development of the processes and planning for their workgroup. They build relationships and partnerships, contribute to harmony in their area, use resources effectively, and have high expectations of their own work performance and personal ethics.
  4. Participation in College Activities: The candidate must play an active role in the activities of the college and demonstrate a willingness to take a leadership role when appropriate. The activities could be serving on a council, committee or work group; focusing on student learning or improvement of quality processes in our systems; and participation in marketing or pride of ownership in the college, such as college booths, parade participation, etc.
  5. Embrace Learning: The candidate will demonstrate a willingness to be a lifelong learner. To seek information and assimilate the information into their work and leadership. To use professional development and other opportunities for learning to improve their skill base, mentor new employees, and show initiative in acquisition of meaningful experiences.

Nomination Form

Award Recipients

  • 2011 Moreen Drake
  • 2010 Rob Comer
  • 2009 Lilly Douglass
  • 2008 Jennifer Martinez-Maestas
  • 2007 Mindi Kim Schrum
  • 2006 Louise Miller
  • 2005 Valerie Wheeler
  • 2004 Kay Brown