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Physical Therapist Assistant Program


Online PTA Program
Spring Semester of First Year
PTAP 110 Introduction to PTA 3
PTAP 125 Clinical Kinesiology (L) 4
  Total 7
Summer Semester of First Year
PTAP 130 Pathophysiology 3
PTAP 150 Procedures I (L) 4
  Total 7
Fall Semester of First Year
PTAP 140 Therapeutic Exercise (L) 3
PTAP 160 Procedures II (L) 3
  Total 6
Spring Semester of Second Year
PTAP 210 Principles of Rehabilitation (L) 5
PTAP 260 Seminar 2
  Total 7
Summer Semester of Second Year
PTAP 230 Full-Time (minimum 40 hours/week) Clinical Externship (Acute/Inpatient) 4
PTAP 250 Procedures III (L) 4
  Total 8
Fall Semester of Second Year
PTAP 270 Full-Time (minimum 40 hours/week) Clinical Externship (Outpatient) ***** 7
PTAP 290 Full-Time (minimum 40 hours/week) Clinical Externship (Rehabilitation) ***** 7
  Total 14
Total PTA Program Credits 49

Lab courses are denoted with a (L) after the course title. Online students are required to be at San Juan College approximately 9-16 days (including weekends) per PTA lab course toward the end of each semester. See Is the Online PTA Program completely online?.

Proctor U Information

The PTA program has moved to working with a proctor service, Proctor U. Please visit the following link to review the list of requirements and how it works:   Online program students will need a web cam as well as a microphone for their computer or may need to purchase them.  Each exam costs approximately $18-$34 depending upon the amount of time the test will review. See Proctor U Fee schedule

Students taking the online version of PTAP 116, a pre-requisite for the PTAP program, will use the Proctor U services for exams. This will be a mandatory requirement.

***** All externships may be completed near a student’s place of residence, if a legal clinical contract can be established between the physical therapy facility and San Juan College.  Students are not allowed to participate in a clinical externship within a facility in which they are or have been employed. All externships must be completed on a full-time (40 hours/week) status.

For more information, please call Sandra Sorrelhorse at 505-566-3562. Or send an email to