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Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisite courses must be completed with a 2.75 GPA or above in order to be eligible to start the PTA Program in the Spring semester (applicants should be aware that the actual admitting GPA for the PTA program may be higher due to the number of applicants to the program, and that the 2.75 GPA is a only minimum requirement).

Prerequisites to PTA Program
Summer Term I
ENGL 111 Freshman Composition 3
MATH 114 Mathematics for Health Careers 3
BIOL 112 Human Body Structure and Function* 4
HITP 110 Medical Terminology 3
  Total 13
Fall Semester I
COMM 111 Interpersonal Communication 3
ENGL 218 Advanced Technical Composition** 3
PSYC 120 Introduction to Psychology 3
PTAP 116 Musculoskeletal Focus *** 3
  Total 12
Total Prerequisite Credits 25
The PTA Curriculum at San Juan College is at 80 weeks or the equivalent of 5 semesters. This curriculum format allows a high school graduate to start the program immediately upon graduation and to finish the program within 80 weeks. The program is divided into the following terms/semesters:
Summer Term I and II one 18 week semester
Fall Semester I one 16 week semester
Spring Semester I one 16 week semester
Fall Semester II one 16 week semester
Spring Semester II one 14 week semester

Total of 5 Semesters Total of 80 Weeks
There are multiple length sessions designed to facilitate maximum flexibility for summer students. The two PTA sessions of Summer Term I and II are considered to be the equivalent to a traditional semester.

* Anatomy and Physiology I and II (BIOL 252 and 253) may be taken in place of BIOL 112 only with the PTA program director’s permission.

** ENGL 111 is a prerequisite to ENGL 218.

*** BIOL 112 is a prerequisite to PTAP 116.

Pre-requisite requirements are subject to change. For up-to-date information, please contact the program administrator.

For more information, please call Sandra Sorrelhorse at 505-566-3562. Or send an email to