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student Work-study program

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The student work-study program is a financial aid program that provides San Juan College students an opportunity to earn money through employment at the college or a San Juan College approved community service worksite.

Based on recent regulatory changes and mandatory San Juan College employment requirements; once a work-study position is offered to a student, the student will need to complete a Background Investigation before they can begin working at San Juan College.

Student Work-Study Eligibility Requirements

  1. Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process and meet all financial aid eligibility criteria for receipt of student financial aid.
  2. Have a “Financial Need” for work-study funding. To be eligible for work-study employment; students funded by Federal and State Work-study funds need to show that a Financial Need exists for additional educational funding.
  3. Work-study applicants must meet all financial aid satisfactory academic progress standards and be enrolled (and remain enrolled) in at least six credits during the semester for which a work-study position is being requested.
  4. Students CANNOT be employed as a regular San Juan College employee and as a San Juan College student work-study employee at the same time.

Types of financial aid funding available

  1. Federal Work-study (FWS) funding is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need and meet federal financial aid eligibility requirements.  These funds are limited and are awarded on a "first come, first served" basis.
  2. State Work-study (SWS) funding is awarded to New Mexico residents and is based on State eligibility requirements. These funds are limited and are awarded on a "first come, first served" basis.
  3. Institutional Work-study (IWS) funding is awarded to students who do not qualify for FWS or SWS funding, or are awarded work-study employment after FWS or SWS funding has been expended.

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How to Apply for a Job

Students interested in obtaining work-study employment must complete ALL application steps. 

Step 1 - Complete the Financial Aid Application Process.  Prospective work-study employees must have a current and completed FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) on file with the San Juan College Financial Aid Office for the Academic Year in which employment is being sought.  Applicants need to allow four to six weeks from submission of their FAFSA to completion of the FAFSA process, so plan accordingly.

Step 2 - Students must apply or re-apply for work-study employment each academic year. The academic year begins at the beginning of the Fall semester and runs through the end of the following Summer semester.  Applications for the upcoming Academic Year will be available for submittal to the Financial Aid Office after July 1st of each year.

Step 3 - Students must complete the online San Juan College Customer Service Training.  The customer service training is required each year and can be accessed by clicking on the "Apply Here" link at the top of this page.

Step 4 - Customer Service Training Certification and Work-study Employment Application.  After completing the customer service training students must print a copy of the certificate of training completion and the Work-study Employment Application and provide both completed documents to the Financial Aid Office as part of their work-study job application package.  The Student Work-study Employment Application is only available online and is only accessible after the customer service training is completed. 

Step 5 - Applicants will need to access their Web Advisor account and provide as part of their application package a copy of their class schedule for the term in which they are requesting work-study employment and, if they have previously attended San Juan College, an unofficial copy of their San Juan College academic transcript.

Step 6 - The work-study job application package must be hand-delivered to the financial aid office and must include the following documents:

  • Certification that the Customer Service Training has been completed.
  • Two copies of the completed job application,
  • Two copies of the student's class schedule for the semester in which employment is being requested, and
  • If the student has previously been enrolled at San Juan College, an unofficial copy of the student's Academic Transcript.

Step 7 - Student Employment Transaction form.  Before work-study applicants can conduct their job search or interview process for employment, the financial aid office will verify that they meet all financial aid eligibility requirements, and applicants must complete the student portion of the Work-study Employment Transaction form and return it to the Financial Aid Office.

Step 8 - Student Approval to Interview and Work form.  After receiving the Student Employment Transaction form, and verifying that an applicant is financial aid eligible, the financial aid office will provide work-study applicants with:

  • A work-study "Approval to Interview and Work” form,
  • A copy of their job application,
  • A copy of their class schedule, and
  • A copy of their academic transcript.

Students will need to present these documents to their prospective employer or supervisor during the job interview process.

Step 9 - How to find and get a job.  All prospective work-study students must conduct their own work-study job search.  This includes finding an available work-study job, and arranging their own job interview.  Students may access a listing of available jobs, job descriptions, and contact information by clicking on the "Job Postings" link in the left-hand column of this page, or they may directly contact the San Juan College Department or work-center in which they would like to work and arrange an interview for employment.

Step 10 - Upon completing the job interview process and being offered employment, students must hand-deliver the completed "Approval to Interview and Work" form to the Financial Aid Office, and complete a Human Resources Hire Packet.

Step 11 - Human Resource Hire Packet. Upon receipt of the completed Approval to Interview and Work form, the financial aid office will provide students with a "Human Resource Hire Packet".  No students will be processed for employment without completing and submitting the documents contained in the packet to the financial aid office.  It is strongly recommended that students take the time to complete and submit the hire packet before leaving the financial aid office.

Step 12 - A Background Investigation must be completed BEFORE student work-study employees can start work. The form for conducting the background investigation is included in the Human Resource Hire Packet and the investigation process is conducted by the Human Resource Office.  Background Investigations cannot be conducted until after a prospective employee has been offered a postion at San Juan College, and a prospective employee cannot begin work until after the background investigation has been completed and the new employee has been cleared to work.

Step 13 - Notification of work-study award and contracted period of employment.  Once all required documents have been received by the Financial Aid Office, and a Background Investigation has been completed, the Financial Aid Office will notify student work-study employees and their respective supervisors via their San Juan College e-mail account that they have been awarded work-study employment, the amount of funding and number of hours that are authorized to work-study employment, the contracted period of their employment, and the federal Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) form.

NOTE: Work-study students cannot begin working, and supervisors cannot allow them to work, prior to receiving notification from the Financial Aid Office that they have been awarded a work-study position and funded to begin work. A department or work center's budgeted hours for work-study employment may differ from the number of hours that have been awarded to students by the Financial Aid Office, and the actual number of hours that students will be eligible to work per their respective department's budget may be more, or may be less, than their financial aid budgeted amount. In all cases supervisors will manage the number of hours that a student work-study employee works, and in NO CASE can work-study employees exceed the total number of hours awarded by the financial aid office or the number of hours budgeted to their work-center - whichever is the lesser amount.

Step 14 - Completing the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form).  Under the Immigration Reform Act, San Juan College is required to have every employee that has accepted a position to work at the college complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9).  The I-9 form will be forwarded to students and supervisors as an attachment to the e-mail that informs them of the students' work-study award.  The form must be completed by the new employee and his or her supervisor within the first three days of an employee's actual employment.

NOTE:  To complete the I-9 process - students and supervisors must download, print and complete the I-9 form on a student's first day of employment.  To complete the form new employees must provide appropriate identifying documents referenced on the form.  The identifying documents must be originals or certified original copies. Copies of the original identifying documents must be made by respective supervisors, and the copied identifying documents and completed I-9 form must be forwarded by the supervisor to the Human Resources Office within three days of the student beginning work.  For any questions concerning I-9 requirements, please contact the Human Resources Office at 505-566-3215.

Additional Information

Finding a Job - Student work-study positions become available throughout the academic year and students are responsible for finding their own work-study employment. To check on job availability, click on Job Postings, located in the left-hand column of this page. The Job Postings are updated regularly as work-study positions become available.  Some departments do not post their available positions on the Job Posting website, and many students gain work-study employment by visiting college departments or work centers and inquiring if any work-study jobs are available.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirement - To gain or retain student work-study employment, students must meet and maintain ALL financial aid eligibility requirements. At a minimum students must maintain financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards, these standards include:

  • Students must be enrolled in a degree program that is approved and eligible for receipt of student financial aid, and can only be enrolled in one degree program at a time.
  • Students must be enrolled in classes that, per the school's academic catalog, apply toward graduation from their San Juan College selected degree program. 
  • Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above.
  • Students must maintain a cumulative course completion rate of at least 67%.  The cumulative course completion rate is determined by dividing the number of credits that a student has successfully completed by the number of credits that the student has attempted.
  • Students must complete their selected degree program within 150% of the credits required to complete their selected degree.  The number of credits needed to complete a selected degree program is outline in San Juan College's Academic Catalog. To determine 150% of the credits required to complete a degree program multiply the credits needed (per the academic catalog) to complete the degree by 1.5.  The total will be 150% of the credits required for degree completion.

Enrollment Requirement - To be eligible for student work-study employment, students must be enrolled and maintain enrollment in at least six credits during the semester in which they are employed.  All students must provide their supervisor and the Financial Aid Office with an enrollment schedule prior to each semester of employment, and must inform their supervisor and the Financial Aid Office of any changes to their enrollment.

Contracted Periods of Employment - Work-study employees will be contracted for employment during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters (or any portion thereof), and they must meet all minimum eligibility requirements to continue employment from one semester to the next.  The Financial Aid Office will inform students and their supervisors of their contracted period of employment.

Dual Employment at San Juan College

  • Students may be employed in up to two work-study positions at the same time.  If students are concurrently employed in two work-study positions they CANNOT EXCEED a combined total of 20 hours of work per week.
  • Students CANNOT be concurrently employed by San Juan College as both a work-study and regular employee.

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Work Study Training

Students desiring work-study employment must complete online Customer Service Training.  Individual departments may require additional department or work center specific training for basic and specific knowledge, skills, and expectations required for employment.

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Financial aid awarding, wages, and work schedule information

Notification of Work-study Award - Work-study employees will receive a financial aid work-study award for the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters and the source of funding for a work-study employee may change as the academic year progresses.  The financial aid office will notify all student workers and their supervisors, via their San Juan College e-mail account, of their work-study award amount and their contracted period of employment.  Supervisors cannot start a work-study student's employment, and a work-study student cannot start their employment prior to receiving authorization from the Financial Aid Office.

Enrollment requirement to receive student work-study employment - All Student Work-study employees must be enrolled, and maintain enrollment in at least six credits during the semester in which they are employed.

Maximum work hours per week - The maximum number of hours a work-study employee may work is 20 hours per week and 320 hours per semester.  Supervisors are responsible for maintaining compliance with a student's assigned work-study hours and, regardless of the number of hours assigned by the financial aid office, supervisors may not exceed the number of hours allocated to them by their respective Vice-president, or the number of hours assigned to the work-study employee by the financial aid office, whichever is less.

Wage Scale - Student Work-study employees receive a wage of $7.50 per hour. Pay dates are normally on the 15th and last day of the month and are in accordance with San Juan College's payroll policies and procedures.

Work schedule versus class schedule - Work-study employees are "students first" and supervisors will do their utmost to meet both the student's and work-center's scheduling requirements. Student class and work schedules may vary from term to term as course loads, class schedules, and extracurricular activities may change.  Per federal regulations; students cannot work during scheduled class times.  Scheduling conflicts may affect the number of hours available for a work-study employee to work, the time period in which a student may be available to work, or the student's employment status. All efforts must be made to meet both the student's and the Department or work center's employment needs.

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Paychecks and pay information

Paycheck Procedure - Work-study employees are paid on the 15th and last day of the month. The amount paid is based on the number of hours reported on a student's timesheet.  Paychecks are issued through the Business Office and available for pick-up prior to 3:00pm on the payday.  If the check is not picked up by 3:00pm, it will be mailed to the student's reported mailing address.

Direct Deposit - Students may choose to fill out a Direct Deposit Form and have payroll checks directly deposited to their financial institution.  Direct Deposit forms are available in the Financial Aid Office, the Human Resources Office, or from the student’s Financial Institution. Students desiring direct deposit to their financial institution can start the process at anytime.  Contact San Juan College's Payroll Office for more information; 505-566-3245.

Student's San Juan College Account - Per federal regulations, student earnings cannot be credited directly to a student's San Juan College account.

W-4 IRS Tax Withholding form - All employees are required to complete the W-4 IRS Tax Withholding Form - To complete the tax form the student must provide his/her social security number and determine the number of allowances for withholding tax he or she wants to claim.

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Timesheet Information

All work-study employees are required to have the hours that they worked posted onto their Web Advisor timesheet account. Posting hours worked to Web Advisor should only be done on the last day of the pay period, normally the 15th and the last day of the month.  Employees are encouraged to keep a regular paper timesheet to log day-to-day hours during each pay period. This serves as a record and a backup copy.

NOTE:  Students completing their first pay period will NOT normally have an account established for timesheet entry in Web Advisor.  Those students and their supervisors will need to complete a manual timesheet and forward both the manual timesheet and a copy of the e-mail from Financial Aid Award that awarded work-study funding and authorized the work-study employee to begin work. 

For Payroll questions please contact the following individuals:

Juanita Pacheco at 505-566-3245 or

Carol Carreon, Payroll Manager, at 505-566-3543 or

Additional links for payroll information

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