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Bookstore Purchases

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San Juan College allows students with accepted financial aid in excess of the student's current tuition and fee charges to make book and supply purchases in the SJC bookstore and authorize payment to be deducted from their financial aid award. The student makes the purchases, and charges the books and supplies to the student's account, not to exceed the pending financial aid. The student uses his/her student ID in order to make bookstore charges and to receive required textbooks tax-free (you must have your Student ID). The student signature on receipt is the student's authorization to use financial aid to pay the charge.

There is no cap on bookstore purchases, except that they cannot exceed the accepted aid. A student's financial aid should only be used for his/her educational expenses, not that of other family members or friends. A Cashier may question the quantity of any item purchased, if it appears unreasonable for one student's need, e.g., book bags, binders, clothing, etc.

Student Financial Aid charges begin one week before classes start and run for approximately 3 weeks. For example, the first 15 days (M-F) Fall and Spring terms. It is required that students bring their SJC student ID in order to charge against their financial aid. If you have any questions please call the Bookstore at (505) 566-3260.