Academic Catalog 2009-10

Accreditation and Affiliation

San Juan College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools as a degree-granting institution. Membership in this accrediting association makes possible the transfer of credits to other colleges and universities. Accreditation information can be viewed by the public upon request from the San Juan College Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

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Career Programs

  • General Education Requirements
  • Accounting [AAS]
    • Bookkeeping [Cert]
    • Payroll Accounting [Cert]
  • Administrative Office Assistant Program[Cert]
  • Alternative Teacher Licensure Program
    • Elementary, Secondary And Special Education [Cert]
  • Auto Body [AAS][Cert]
  • Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) [AAS]
  • Automotive Technology [AAS][Cert]
    • Electrical, Emissions, and Performance Technician [Cert]
    • Automotive Heavy Line Technician [Cert]
    • Light Line Repair Technician [Cert]
  • Aviation Technology [AAS][Cert]
    • Professional Airline Career Enhancement (PACE) [Cert]
  • Building Trades [AAS][Cert]
  • Business Administration [AAS]
    • Business Foundations I [Cert]
    • Business Foundations II [Cert]
    • Management [Cert]
    • Entrepreneurship [Cert]
    • Marketing [Cert]
  • College Automotive Program (CAP) [AAS]
  • Commercial Driver's License [Cert]
  • Computer Science
    • Object-Oriented Computer Programming [Cert]
    • Web Programming [Cert]
  • Cosmetology [AAS][Cert]
    • Cosmetology Instructor [Cert]
    • Barber [Cert]
    • Esthetician [Cert]
    • Manicuring/Pedicuring [Cert]
  • Creative Writing [Cert]
  • Dental Hygiene [AAS]
  • Diesel [AAS][Cert]
  • Digital Media Arts And Design [AAS]
  • Domestic Manufacturer [Cert]
  • Drafting [AAS][Cert]
    • Civil Drafting And Design [AAS]
    • Mechanical Drafting And Design [AAS]
  • Early Childhood Education [Cert]
  • Fire Science [AAS][Cert]
  • Health Information Technology [AAS]
    • General Requirements [AAS and Cert]
    • Medical Insurance Coder/Biller [Cert]
    • Medical Transcriptionist [Cert]
  • Horticulture in a Xeric Environment [AAS][Cert]
  • Human Services
    • Generalist Studies [AAS]
    • Substance Abuse Studies [AAS]
    • Criminal Justice Studies [AAS]
  • Industrial Process Operator [AAS]
  • Instrumentation And Controls Technology [AAS]
  • Legal Assistant [AAS]
  • Machine Shop Technology [AAS][Cert]
  • Medical Laboratory Technician [AAS]
  • Natural Gas Compression [AAS][Cert]
    • Natural Gas Compression Industrial Enhancement [Cert]
  • Nursing (Associate Degree In Nursing)
    • Track I [ADN]
    • Track II [ADN]
  • Occupational Safety [AAS][Cert]
  • Petroleum Technology Lease Operator Program [AAS][Cert]
  • Phlebotomy [Cert]
  • Physical Therapist Assistant [AAS]
  • Police Science [AAS]
  • Renewable Energy
    • Photovoltaic System Design And Installation [AAS][Cert]
  • Speech Communication [Cert]
  • Surgical Technology [AAS][Cert]
  • Technical Theatre [AAS]
  • Toyota Technical Education Network (T-Ten) [AAS][Cert]
  • Tribal Governance [AAS][Cert]
  • Veterinary Technology [AAS][Cert]
  • Welding [AAS][Cert]

Associate Of General Studies Degree

Transfer Programs

College Course Descriptions

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Course Descriptions

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  • Academic Catalog 2009-10Accounting [ACCT]
  • Administrative Office Assistant Program [AOAP]
  • Agriculture [AGRI]
  • Allied Health [ALHT]
  • American Sign Language [SIGN]
  • Anthropology [ANTH]
  • Art [ARTS]
  • Astronomy [ASTR]
  • Automotive Service Educational Program [ASEP]
  • Auto Body [AUBO]
  • Automotive Technology [AUTE]
  • Aviation Technology [AVIA]
  • Biology [BIOL]
  • Building Trades (Carpentry) [CARP]
  • Business Administration [BADM]
  • Chemistry [CHEM]
  • College Automotive Program (Chrysler) [CAPP]
  • Commercial Drivers License [CDLT]
  • Communications And Media [COME]
  • Computer Graphics [COGR]
  • Computer Science [COSC]
  • Cosmetology [COSM]
  • Dance [DANC]
  • Dental Hygiene [DHYG]
  • Diesel Mechanics [DIME]
  • Digital Media Arts And Design [DMAD]
  • Drafting [DRFT]
  • Early Childhood Education [ECED]
  • Economics [ECON]
  • Education [EDUC]
  • Emergency Medical Services [EMSP]
  • Engineering [ENGR]
  • English [ENGL]
  • Entrepreneurship And Small Business [ENSB]
  • Finance [FINA]
  • Fire Science [FIRE]
  • French [FREN]
  • Geography [GEOG]
  • Geology [GEOL]
  • German [GERM]
  • Health [HLTH]
  • Health Information Technology Program [HITP]
  • History [HIST]
  • Horticulture in a Xeric Environment [HORT]
  • Human Services [HMSV]
  • Humanities [HUMA]
  • Industrial Process Operator Program [IPOP]
  • Industrial Technology [TECH]
  • Instrumentation And Controls Technology [INST]
  • Journalism [JOUR]
  • Learning Support [LRNS]
  • Lease Operator [LSOP]
  • Legal Assistant [LEAS]
  • Machine Shop [MASH]
  • Mathematics [MATH]
  • Medical Laboratory Technology [MLTS]
  • Medical Transcription [MTRN]
  • Music [MUSI]
  • Natural Gas Compression [COMP]
  • Navajo Studies [NAVA]
  • Navajo/Native Studies [NNST]
  • Nursing [NURS]
  • Outdoor Leadership And Recreation [OLER]
  • Philosophy [PHIL]
  • Photography [PHOT]
  • Physical Education [PHED]
  • Physical Therapist Assistant [PTAP]
  • Physics [PHYS]
  • Pre-Nursing [PNUR]
  • Police Science [POLI]
  • Political Science [POLS]
  • Psychology [PSYC]
  • Reading [RDNG]
  • Renewable Energy [RENG]
  • Russian [RUSS]
  • Safety [SAFE]
  • Sociology [SOCI]
  • Spanish [SPAN]
  • Speech Communication [SPCH]
  • Surgical Technology [SURG]
  • Theatre [THEA]
  • Toyota Technical Education Network [TTEN]
  • Tribal Governance [TGOV]
  • Veterinary Technology [VETT]
  • Welding [WELD]