Veterinary Technology

Obtaining Textbooksimage of puppy sleeping on book

Textbooks are available through several sources, including the San Juan College bookstore, directly from the publisher, third party online resellers such as or   With you have the ability to download  chapters of books published by Thompson/Delmar as well as order print books.  A word of caution--be careful when ordering online that you order your books from a reputable source and in time for the first day of class. 

If you are on financial aid and wish to have text materials charged to your financial aid account, you will need to purchase them through the SJC bookstore. Please contact Sherry Hair, VTDLP Program Coordinator (888-313-3838), if you need assistance with this process.

Click here for list of Spring 2016 Required Textbooks


For more information, please call Sherry Hair, Program Advisor at (888) 313-3838. Or send an email to