Honors Courses

Class DiscussionHonors Sections of Core Courses

Honors sections of core courses are open to all students and may be substituted for regular sections. Students should expect a higher level of class participation and greater responsibility for directing learning activities. 

 Spring 2015 Honors Classes


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San Juan College offers Honors Courses in two basic formats:

  • Embedded Honors Courses: core courses regularly offered with both honors and non-honors students enrolled. Honors students conduct more in-depth investigations of topics and are held to higher academic standards than non-honors students.
  • Special Honors Topics Courses: offered periodically. These classes provide opportunities to study a variety of topics, often in an interdisciplinary and/or seminar environment.

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Honors courses are offered each semester and are available to all students. Honors sections of core courses may be substituted for regular sections. Honors special topics courses will fulfill elective credits toward graduation.