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Required and Recommended Professional Development & Training

San Juan College has several required trainings for employees, to address compliance, safety, and risk management. These required trainings are available at no cost to you, and will provide useful information for a safe working environment. Download full list of required training.

Required for All Employees

Required for some departments

  • Grants Management


Professional Development

Training Locations

Community Learning Center - ed2go
Ed2go-pro is the professional development arm of the ed2go program operated by the Community Learning Center and will allow the college to provide online professional development courses to internal staff to immediately.

This unique reseller program requires no upfront development cost or capital investment from SJC.  Over 400 courses are available.  The cost of each class to the college is $52 which is the wholesale price.  The retail price is $79 to the general public.

With such a large nationwide customer base, ed2go-pro is able to attract high quality and talented course developers and instructors.

More than 250 instructor-facilitated online courses are provided every month of the year.

Ed2go-pro provides one-on-one “best practices” advice and guidance from a Program Specialist dedicated to the success of our program.

Business & Industry
The Business & Industry Training Center provides customized training and related services to individuals, businesses, industries and the public. Any of our classes can be customized specifically for your work environment, and we can bring classes directly to your work site.

Technology Training
Lynn Lane, the Technical Trainer is responsible for monitoring the technical skill needs of faculty, staff and students at SJC. In response to these needs, she provides "solution" oriented training. While application based training is still available, "solution" oriented training allows Online Services to provide training that can also be called Just In Time training. This approach is made possible with a full-time, experienced trainer who is both familiar with the needs of SJC and has a keen understanding of emerging technologies.

The San Juan College "Center for Teaching Excellence" (CTX) promotes excellence in teaching through conversation, research, and support for innovative practices.