SJC User Accounts

To access the SJC campus network or to perform any of a number of online tasks a user must have a valid SJC user account. The type of account a user may have depends on both the system the user needs to access and the category that user falls into. Whether you have one or more user accounts, it's important to understand how each account is set up and provides the access you need.

Microsoft Windows Network Accounts

User accounts to access the campus network are assigned and set up according to the category the user falls into. These accounts are by far the most common and allow the user access to a variety of network resources: printers, server drive storage, campus intranet, WWW, email, and online database and catalog searches for the SJC Library, just to name a few.


All SJC students are assigned one of these user accounts when they enroll for classes and are set up as follows:

Username: First Initial | Middle Initial | Last Name | Last two digits of Social Security Number
Password: The default password is "sjcp" then the last four digits of your Social Security Number, unless you have changed it.

Example: The account for student John A. Smith, 123-45-6789, would look like this:

Username: jasmith89
Password: sjcp6789

Note: Students may also use this account to access the MySJC Portal


All SJC staff also have their own campus network user accounts that are set up as follows:

Username: Last Name | First Initial
Password: Determined by user when account is set up

Example: The account for staff member John A. Smith would look like this:

Username: SmithA
Password: Determined by SmithA at account set up


The account setup for SJC faculty is the same as for SJC staff.

Note: Faculty and Staff may also use their account to access the MySJC Portal


If a community member who does not fall into one of the above three categories wishes to access our campus network, he or she may do so by obtaining a community account.

To obtain a community account, fill out a form at any SJC computer lab and then contact the OTS Help Desk at (505)566-3266. Community account creation will then take place within 10 business days.