Administrative Office Assistant

Administrative Office Assistant Program

Administrative Office Assistant (CER.AOAP) 28 credit hours

Learn the skills you need to become an Administrative Office Assistant.

The Administrative Office Assistant Program Certificate (AOAP) will prepare students to meet technological challenges and changes in the contemporary business world. The program curriculum provides in-depth skill development through job simulation and application. Our goal is to provide students with intense training, preparing them for a variety of office related employment opportunities.

The certificate can be completed in a short amount of time, affording students an opportunity to enter the workforce or further their educational goals while employed.

AOAP Certificate


Some skills acquired throughout this program are:

  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Decision Making
  • Computer Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication Skills

The AOAP Certificate curriculum provides students with training in an array of office related responsibilities. Communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills are emphasized as students work with experienced office staff. Students will receive training in word processing, business software, keyboarding and computer skills. Students will learn the importance of professionalism, responsibility, attention to detail, cooperation and adaptability in the Human and Customer Relations class.

Job Opportunities

The training students receive through this curriculum will position them for advancement and higher paying Administrative Office Assistant careers. Administrative Assistants could find work in the following fields:

  • School Administrative Offices
  • Hospital Record Keeping and Billing
  • Corporate Offices
  • Government Agencies
  • Legal Offices
  • Field Offices
  • Bank Offices
  • Medical Offices

Students will be prepared to enter a demanding and ever-changing work environment upon completion of the Administrative Office Assistant Program Certificate.

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