HHPC Membership

HHPC Membership Fees - Includes access to the entire fitness complex

Annual Pass $358
Annual Pass, Seniors (ages 65 and above) $250
Six-Month Pass $180
Six-Month Pass, Seniors (ages 65 and above) $150
Three-Month Pass $90
One-Month Pass $32
Punch Pass - Ten Visits $30
One-Week Pass $15
One-Day Pass $7


Annual Corporate Membership - Rates apply to Chamber of Commerce members, veterans, active military, fire department and police department

Annual Corporate Pass $280
Annual Corporate Senior (65 and older) $175


Junior Membership (ages 14 - 17) - Includes access to entire fitness complex

Jr. Annual Pass $300
Jr. Six-Month Pass $150
Jr. Three-Month Pass $75
Jr. One-Month Pass $28
Jr. One-Week Pass $15
Jr. One-Day Pass $7


Child Pass (ages 0 - 13) - Includes gymnasium, track and climbing tower access only

FREE with a Parent or Guardian Active HHPC Membership Birth Certificate Required
Parent/Guardian Supervision Required


Release of Liability

The facilities and activity programs offered by the San Juan College Health and Human Performance Center have been designed and established to provide the optimum level of beneficial exercise and enjoyment without compromising the health and safety of those who utilize the facilities or participate in the activities.  Because of the nature of the programs made available in the Health and Human Performance Center and the equipment which is an integral part of many of the activities, there is an inherent risk of injury which characterizes any exercise activity resulting in a practical limitation placed on the Health and Human Performance Center in its efforts to prevent injuries to participants, whether actively participating in exercises, utilizing the equipment, or taking advantage of the various other facilities at the Center. For this reason, everyone must have a signed Release of Liability on file prior to participating in programs or using the equipment.

Minors are required to have parent or legal guardian authorize a liability waiver in-person at the HHPC once each year.

Locker Rentals (16 Weeks)

(Locker rental renewals coincide with enrollment renewal dates)

  • Half Lockers   $10.00
  • Full Lockers   $25.00

Guest Passes

Six-month members receive four Guest Day Passes, valid for the duration of their membership. Annual/Corporate members receive nine guest passes valid for the duration of their membership. Guest must complete our liability waiver and be accompanied by member with an active membership. Day, Week, or Month passes purchasers are not eligible for any free guest passes.

Assessment Lab

Members of the HHPC have free access to the Assessment Lab.  The lab can conduct a variety of fitness assessments, Bod Pod test, VO2 test, and Bioimpedance tests.

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise classes, such as Zumba, yoga, and Les Mills classes are available to HHPC members and holders of guest passes.  Schedule can be found at the front desk and on the website.


Active annual members will receive 10% off of climbing wall parties and equipment rentals from the Outdoor Equipment Rental Center.