Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant (AAS.LEAS) 66-67 credit hours

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The Paralegal Program can open the door to an interesting and exciting career as a Paralegal (Legal Assistant). Through formal Paralegal training, you will have the opportunity to advance inside one the most fascinating and challenging professions in the nation. Employment growth in this field has been and is projected to be above average for both New Mexico and the nation, as lawyers work to reduce the costs of legal services by hiring paralegals (legal assistants) to perform tasks formerly done only by lawyers.

Specific duties may include:

  • interviewing witnesses
  • investigating facts
  • researching the law
  • preparing legal documents
  • managing case files
  • preparing cases for settlement or litigation
  • assisting lawyers in the courtroom during trials

San Juan College's Paralegal Program is an approved Navajo Nation Tribal Advocacy training program which, for qualified persons, could lead to becoming a licensed Tribal Advocate on the Navajo Nation.

Paralegals are utilized by many employers, including law offices of all sizes, courts and court clerks, financial institutions, title companies, government agencies, both federal and state, and legal departments of various companies.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree

Our program provides paralegal courses designed to introduce the student to the paralegal profession, as well as courses designed to introduce and prepare the student for employment in specific areas of law. Examples include personal injury law, probate law, family law, criminal law, and litigation. Students graduating from our program should be able to comfortable fit in and work for lawyers, law departments and government employers with little or no training required by the employer.

Persons interested in pursuing a career as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant should (1) be detail oriented, (2) have integrity, (3) be concerned for other people, (4) have initiative, (5) work well under stressful conditions, (6) be dependable, (7) have good self-control, and (8) be able to work in cooperation with others, and (9) also be able to work independently. Our Paralegal program will enhance these skills as well as giving the student the ability:

  • to recognize legal issues
  • identify facts important of the legal issues
  • find and apply law
  • use critical legal thinking to solve legal problems