Learning Communities

Make a Connection!

By enrolling in pairs of classes called learning communities at San Juan College, you have an opportunity to enhance your learning experience.

You will join a group of other students who will take these two courses together, which are often organized around a common theme. You can learn to build connections between subjects and with fellow students. Instructors of the two courses work together to connect content, activities and assignments.

Why participate in a learning community?

  • Connect ideas from two courses
  • Learn to think critically
  • Work with other students on common goals and projects
  • Give yourself a better chance at sticking with college

How to Enroll

Learning communities are identified in the Course Schedule under LCOM or the specific course with which it is paired. The two classes are co-requisites, which means you have to enroll in both to be in the learning community. You can also search WebAdvisor for learning communities courses.

Types of Learning Communities

Penner with two StudentsInterdisciplinary pairs two courses at the developmental or college level. An example is The Brain Project: Freshman Composition (ENGL 111) and Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 120)

First-Year Experience pairs a College Success class with another course, generally in the studentís first year of college. For example, College Success Strategies (LRNS 111) and Basic Composition (ENGL 099)

Academic Support pairs a developmental math, reading or English class with a support class. An example is Fundamental Mathematics (Math 095) and Math 095 Skills (LRNS 095).

Embedded pairs an english or math course with a technical or vocational course. An example is Technical Writing (ENGL 118) and Manuel and Automatic Transmissions (AUTE 114).

What Other Students Have to Say

Student with InstructorInterdisciplinary Student
"The whole class has been a positive experience for me. Taking both English 099 and Speech 111 together helped me to improve my understanding of my writing process and has also taken away much of my fear of talking in front of a group of people. Thank you so much for this opportunity."

First-Year Experience Student
"I worked a lot harder in this class and it taught me to work harder in my other classes. I think that I put more effort into them. I also found out a lot about myself and I enjoyed working with others."

First-Year Experience Student
"My most positive experience in this learning community was the individual attention I received from my instructors. They were always available to answer questions when I needed them."

For information about current learning community offerings, please consult the Course Schedule or contact:
Virgil Mathes