SJC Clubs and Organizations

San Juan College offers a variety of clubs and organizations for the students of San Juan College. Have a Club Idea? We can help you to get the ball rolling. It’s fun and a great way to participate in an extracurricular activity while pursuing your own interests and meeting people who share it. Students are encouraged to become involved in any of the following organizations in which they may be interested.

A.G.A.V.E (All Great Accomplishments Value Equality)
The purpose of the A.G.A.V.E. (All Great Accomplishments Value Equality) Club is to share Hispanic and Latino culture with San Juan College and the community. The club collaborates with the Hispanic Latino Center in various events such as Hispanic Heritag
Advisor: Brenda Méndez de Andrade Ext: 3874 Email:
Advisor: Cruz Chacon Ext: 3317 Email:
AISES (American Indian Science & Engineering Society)  [website]
Promote Native Americans to participate in Science and Engineering. Promote STEM on campus, outreach to communities, build batter relationships with faculty.
Advisor: Ashlee Begaye Ext: 3595 Email:
Advisor: Clarissa Bowman Ext: 3313 Email:
All Nations United Club
To promote the sharing of cultural across campus.
Advisor: Michele Peterson Ext: 3363 Email:
Advisor: Shannon Benally Ext: 3321 Email:
Cosmetology Vica Skills USA
To create a better cosmetology workforce.
Advisor: Nikki Roddy Ext: 4249 Email:
Provising a community oriented study space for students at SJC.
Advisor: Denise Lakey Ext: 3213 Email:
EDGE CLUB  [website]
To provide student services to qualifying students.
Advisor: Shanna Sasser Ext: 3170 Email:
TO promote ENCORE program though service projects, classes and public relations.
Advisor: Brenda Goodnight Ext: 3803 Email:
Advisor: Ruth Milliken Ext: 3121 Email:
Geeks & Gamers(Formally Role Playing Game Club)
Provide students activities and promote geeky in all force.
Advisor: Nicholas Michael Ext: 3395 Email:
Latter-Day Saints Student Associates (LDSSA)  [website]
To provide activities for all students within the guidelines of the Church.
Advisor: Dr. Beverlee Rice Ext: 3239 Email:
Medical Lab Technician Club of San Juan College
To provide resources and support for those students accepted in to, and those interested in the program.
Advisor: Mary Doshi Ext: 3855 Email:
Outdoor Adventure Club
Building stronger community through outdoor recreation while promoting active stewardship of the outdoors.
Advisor: Dalson Ellis Ext: 3487 Email:
Advisor: Christopher Keating Ext: 3414 Email:
Parents & Educators Club
Advisor: Judy Hudson Ext: 3246 Email:
Advisor: Mary Schumacher-Hoerner Ext: 3383 Email:
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)  [website]
The National Honor Society of 2-year colleges.
Advisor: Michael Hattabuagh Ext: 3142 Email:
Physical Therapy Club (PTASA)  [website]
To promote physical therapy.
Advisor: Darcie Garcia Ext: 3862 Email:
Advisor: Gayle Hill Ext: 3013 Email:
Psychology Club/Psi Beta
Support academic, leadership, & service development with psychology students.
Advisor: Andrea Erickson Ext: 3359 Email:
Advisor: Kate Fulton Ext: 3235 Email:
SJC Legalize Cannibis Now Club
Educate everyone about the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing marijuana on keeping it legal.
Advisor: Gordon DeSpain Ext: 3769 Email: despaing@sanjuancollege,edu
Society for Advancement of Hispanic/ Chicanos & Native Americans in Science
Advisor: Brenda Mendez de Andrade Ext: 3874 Email:
Advisor: Clarissa Bowman Ext: 3313 Email:
Advisor: Ashlee Begaye Ext: 3595 Email:
Student American Dental Hygenist Association (SADHA)
To empower, support, and develop professionals by providing mentoring, informational resume, scholarships and grants.
Advisor: Sherri Paxton Ext: 3138 Email:
Student Nurses Association  [website]
To provide opportunities for student nurses at SJC to help each other.
Advisor: Patricia Tomaskovic Ext: 3324 Email:
Advisor: Marsha Bouchard Ext: 3222 Email:
The National Honor Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)  [website]
Advisor: Marcia Sterling-Penn Ext: 3588 Email:
Advisor: Christopher Keating Ext: 3212 Email:
Advisor: Lisa Zenno Ext: 3212 Email:

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