Posting - Policy & Approvals

Effective August 1, 2010

San Juan College
Posting Policy

The following posting regulations apply to all circulated/posted material at San Juan College. Failure to comply with the following regulations will result in loss of circulation/posting privileges on the San Juan Campus for the remaining semester.

  • All signs, notices, flyers, posters and table tents must be approved by the Office of Student Activities and stamped with the date approved before any materials can be posted. It is highly encouraged that the original copy of all items be submitted for approval before photocopies are made. The exception to this approval process is for class room schedule changes or cancellations which will be posted outside the classroom by the appropriate department or notice of College business information/activity sessions posted by department after approval by appropriate Vice President/designee.

  • Only SJC sponsored classes, events, and activities will be posted on the college nonpublic bulletin boards.

  • There is one (1) public Community Event Board located on the upper lever of the Student Center next to Media Services. Members of the community may post events and information flyers on this board. Individuals must get flyers stamped by the Student Activities Office before placing their flyer on the board and a copy of the flyer must be given to the Student Activities office. Removal of material from the Public Community Board is allowed only through the Office of Student Activities. Material posted on this public board will not be prejudged on content within the First Amendment.

  • Seventeen (17) posters or flyers will be approved for any one event. Posters/flyers must receive an approval stamp from the Student Activities Office. Any material without a stamp and expiration date will be removed.

  • To allow equal participation, no material concerning campus events and/or activities will be posted until two weeks prior to the event. Material will be removed two weeks after posting.

  • All poster/flyer materials will be posted once a week by designated Student Activities personnel only.

  • No posters/flyers larger than 11” x 18” will be allowed on any official boards unless prior approval from the Director of Student Activities is obtained.

  • All signs must contain the name of the sponsoring college department, or organization.

  • A copy of all approved flyers will be kept in the Office of Student Activities.

  • Push pins are the only approved method of posting on bulletin boards. The use of Duct Tape, double sticky tape, glue, etc is prohibited.

  • Only one flyer per bulletin board will be placed.

  • Any material hung in violation of the listed policies will be removed.

  • No posting of any information on vehicles in the San Juan College parking lots will be allowed.

  • Only building opening schedule changes will be posted on front entry doors by appropriate departments. Only class schedule changes will be posted outside classroom doors by the appropriate department. Any other materials may not be placed on glass, painted or varnished surfaces of any kind.

The following types of posting must adhere to the above policies, as well as, policies specific to their type.


  • Posting of flyers or other materials in college bathrooms must be approved by the Vice President of Student Services.

  • Only college related materials that are of a Safety, Health, Educational or Emergency nature will be considered for these nonpublic postings.

  • All materials approved may only be posted by the Office of Student Activities or the Office of Public Safety.

Floor/Ground Posting

  • No posting of flyers, posters, etc. or chalking is allowed on college internal and external floors or grounds.

Internal Departmental Bulletin Boards

  • Posting of college related materials on nonpublic bulletin boards in individual rooms is the sole responsibility, and at the discretion of, departmental supervisors.

Table Tents

  • Table Tents may be placed on tables in the 1st floor of Learning Commons Building with the approval of the Student Activities Office.

  • Table Tents may be placed in Mary’s Kitchen and Commons Grounds with the approval of the Director of Dining Services and Student Activities Office.

  • Any other areas or rooms is the sole responsibility, and at the discretion of, departmental supervisor.

  • An original copy of the table tent must be turned in the Student Activities Office to be kept on file.

  • Table tents must be removed by sponsoring department or organization within 24 hours of the end of event.

For more information contact Student Activities:
505-566-3403 ~

Or drop by Room 6107, in the Learning Commons, under the library.