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Department of Public Safety


Community Response Checklist

-Explosion on Campus-



  • Immediately take cover under a table, desk or other object that will give protection against falling glass or debris
  • After the immediate effects of the explosion and/or fire have subsided, immediately call 911 and then notify the Security and Safety Department at 566-3333
  • Give your name and describe the location and nature of the emergency
  • If safe to do so, evacuate at the nearest marked exit and advise others to do the same
  • Do not use elevators to evacuate
  • Once outside move to a clear area that is at least 500 feet away from any affected buildings and keep streets and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews
  • DO NOT return to an affected area unless instructed to do so by Emergency Personnel
  • DO NOT use fire alarms to evacuate a building unless ordered to do so by Emergency Personnel, if the cause of the explosion was an explosive or incendiary device another may be connected to the fire alarms


  • Emergency Services — 911
  • Department of Public Safety — 566-3333 or 215-3091
  • Be aware that the 911 system will likely be overwhelmed. Program the San Juan College Department of Public Safety administrative line (566-3263) into cell phone for emergency use or consider e-mail. E-mail may be an option when unable to speak. E-mail is monitored by Security personnel during an emergency event.