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Department of Public Safety


Community Response Checklist

-Medical Emergency-



  • If serious injury or illness occurs on campus, immediately call 911 and have someone else contact the Department of Public Safety at 566-3333
  • Have someone remain on the phone with 911 operators to provide updated information regarding the incident
  • In case of minor injury or illness, provide first aid care ONLY to the level of your ability
  • Be prepared to provide specific locations to the scene and request assistance from others present to standby to aid Emergency Services to get to the location upon their arrival
  • In case of serious injury or illness quickly perform the following steps:
    • Keep the victim still and comfortable. DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM
    • Ask victim "Are you OK?" and "What is wrong?"
    • Check breathing and give artificial respiration if necessary and you are trained to do so
    • Control serious bleeding by providing direct pressure on the wound
    • Look for emergency medical ID's such as bracelets on injured persons, question witnesses and give all information to the responding emergency personnel
    • Continue to assist the victim until help arrives

REMEMBER: Only trained personnel should provide first aid treatment


  • Emergency Services — 911
  • Department of Public Safety — 566-3333 or 215-3091