Computer Science

Student Success Stories

We challenge our students to do their best and are proud to share their achievements. Many of our graduates transferred to a four-year college to complete their Bachelor’s degree. Graduating from Fort Lewis College, New Mexico Tech, New Mexico State University, and Stanford University, these former San Juan College students went on to successful jobs.

  • Lead Programmer for an oil and gas company in Farmington, who developed a system that remotely monitors gas wells, reducing the number of physical visits (and countless miles) made by field employees
  • Programmer for a major Fortune 500 company, writing code for U.S. Air Force flight simulators
  • Hired by Google
  • Database administrator for the City of Durango, managing all the city government databases from payroll to police to cemetery records
  • Employed by a local oil and gas company to manage the network, install and maintain servers, and install software
  • One of just a few programmers in the world, programming in a very specialized area of oil and gas for a Farmington company
  • Computer Scientist at Sandia Labs
  • Developer of children’s software

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