Auto Body

Auto Body Program

Auto Body (AAS.AUBO) 69-70 credit hours
Automotive Refinishing Certificate (CER.AUBO.AR) 24-25 credit hours
Non Structural Collision Repair Certificate (CER.AUBO.NS) 24-25 credit hours
Structural Collision Repair Certificate (CER.AUBO.SC) 24-25 credit hours


The Auto Body program provides the student with the theory and practical knowledge necessary to develop a degree of skill that will make the student employable in an auto body shop or related occupation. There is a continuous demand for qualified individuals in the body repair business. Many individuals will specialize in either painting or body repair.

The Basic Program

The instruction in Auto Body covers theory and practice of preparing vehicles for repainting, including dent removal, welding, panel straightening, major collision and shop management.

Training is provided on the college campus in spacious, well-maintained facilities which include a modern spray booth with its own color mixing room. Equipment includes the latest frame-straightening equipment.

Successful completion of the Auto Body curriculum will result in a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree or three-semester certificate.

In addition to tuition, the student will spend approximately $1,200 for tools. Financial aid is available to qualified applicants.

Job Opportunities

Each year there are more vehicles (approximately six million) added to the road. As a result there are more collisions, more wrecked bodies and more damaged fenders. This means more work for top pay for those who have the know-how to do quality work. At San Juan College, we have maintained our reputation of turning out only quality students in the field.

Career Information

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