Naturally Inspired

August 15 to September 12, 2008
Reception: August 15, 6 to 8 p.m.

From vibrant floral paintings to forged steel sculptures depicting nature, “Naturally Inspired” will present the works of artists Janet Burns and Maegan Crowley. The San Juan College Henderson Fine Arts Gallery will feature the exhibit, August 15 – September 12. “Naturally Inspired” opens with a reception, Friday, August 15, from 6 to 8 p.m., in the Art Gallery.

Burns utilizes textures and patterns of textiles in her floral paintings. She uses a square format for much of her work, which allows the finished pieces to be hung in groups of two, three or more. Visualizing potential shapes, Burns begins to define them with multiple layers of transparent color. Cutting in with translucent and opaque paint allows the image to be revealed. Burns alternates cool with warm, and uses complementary colors, bringing the final image to a glowing conclusion.

Crowley forges steel to emphasize the beauty found in nature – A flower defying gravity or a moment in time when the weight of a lupine bloom affects the entire plant. She builds with multiples and studies structures such as honeycombs, bones, antlers, or tulips. Crowley translates tiny details of cactus, dandelions or pumpkins as their forms metamorphose through the life cycles.

seven 2006m.crowleyManipulation of material provokes questions. Investigation produces answers. These three concepts are the basis of Maegan E. Crowley’s working process. She builds with multiples and studys structures. Crowley translates these forms into forged steel that emulate systems of growth and structure. These forged parts become larger forms that emphasize the beauty of detail found in nature.

Floral subjects are the perfect vehicle to express Janet McHaley Burn’s love of life and experience of abundance. She uses flowers as decoration and for their symbolic meanings. Flowers accompany us in every major event in life and are a universal language. My current series began with one wild sunflower against the dark of midnight sky. Many more flowers have followed, increasing in variety.

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