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environmental health and safety & risk management (EHSRM)

Contract, Agreement, MOA, MOU, etc. Signature Authority

The President is the primary signature authority for San Juan College; therefore all contracts (agreements, memo's of understanding, joint powers of agreement, etc.)  that bind San Juan College require the president’s (or a designated appointee’s) signature.  

The President appointed the Deans (or a designated appointee) of the Schools of Health Sciences and Trades & Technology to sign student clinical or practicum experience agreements on her behalf however, all other contracts that bind the college must be signed by the president (or a designated appointee.)

Many times, the contracting parties (agency, business, school district, etc.) have preferred contract formats and, generally, these formats are acceptable. If unsure, please email copies or drafts to EHSRM for a preliminary reviews. The college can not accept additional insure, indemnification or hold harmless language and this language is normally cross out by EHSRM during reviews.  If contracting parties do not have preferred contract formats, please contact EHSRM for the college's format.

Please follow these steps to prepare contracts for final college signature.  Plan accordingly and allow a minimum of five business days for EHSRM to review, obtain official signatures, and return the final signed contracts to the originating departments.

Prior to submitting contracts to EHSRM for final official college signature, follow these steps

  1. Obtain at least two originals of the entire contract.  If two originals were not provided, please make a copy and  treat the copy as a second original.  EHSRM always retains one original for the college's official files and the second original is returned to the department to return to the contracting agency/clinical facility.  If needed, please submit additional originals (for departmental files, etc.)
  2. Complete and print the Contract Completion Checklist form from the Forms Library.  Only one Contract Completion Checklist form is required for the set of two original contracts. 
    • The contract program director/project manager (responsible for ensuring that the college meets all contractual obligations) initials all boxes on the checklist indicating the contract is prepared for official college signature. Incomplete contracts will be returned.   
      • Minimum of two originals of the entire contract in page order.
      • San Juan College, and not the individual school or department, is identified as the contracting entity.  The school or department may be referenced in subsequent sections.
      • All blanks are completed (filled in) including start dates, department information, contact names, titles, etc. If needed, please add the information by hand.   
      • All signature lines/pages within the contract are flagged for the signer.  Please place flags on the right edge of the documents.
      • All notary requirements are also flagged.  
    • Obtain all required and conditional approvals, as appropriate to the contract content.  Contracts without proper conditional approvals and signatures will be returned.
      • OTS - all contracts related to, or requiring, computer hardware or software (web-based systems included), telephone hardware or services or other technology.
      • Physical Plant - all contracts related to, or requiring, infrastructure needs such as plumbing or electrical modifications, large equipment installation, building enhancements, etc.
      • Business Office Restricted Funds and/or Grants Development Office - all contracts related to the use or acquisition of restricted (grant) funds.
      • Purchasing - all contracts that include service (labor). 
    • Sign as contract Program Director/Project Manager.
  3. Submit one coversheet and minimum of two complete originals to EHSRM for review and final college signature. 
  4. Once officially signed, EHSRM either
    • Retains one fully-executed original for the college's records and returns the second original to the originating department to return to the contracting agency
    • Returns both originals to the originating department to obtain the contracting agency's signature.  The department must follow-up and submit one original fully-executed contract to EHSRM for the college's records.


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