Frequently Asked Questions

Petty Cash

Expenditures reimbursable through petty cash are those ordinary and necessary costs required to carry out the mission of a department or project. Costs include supplies and materials. Each purchase cannot exceed $50.00. Exceptions to the $50.00 limit must be authorized by the Controller or Vice President for Administrative Services. Reimbursements are made through the Business Office Administrative Assistant.

Preparation Instructions:

(Required form can be retrieved from the Business Office)

  1. Date
  2. Vendor Name
  3. Purpose of the merchandise (i.e., supplies, postage, etc.)
  4. Amount of the purchased item – notify the vendor the College is tax exempt on materials and supplies, but does pay gross receipt taxes on services (generally something without 3 dimensional characteristics.)
  5. Department’s account number to be charged
  6. Signature of individual receiving reimbursement. Please complete when cash is received from the Business Office.
  7. Original receipt(s) attached to petty cash form
  8. Authorizing signature by department head/fiscal monitor.

Advertising/Promotion Expenses

  1. The purpose of the expense must be clearly stated.
  2. Must be approved in advance by the President and Vice President for Business Affairs
  3. Individuals involved must be indicated on the receipt
  4. Promotional expenses that exceed $50.00 must be submitted on a purchase order. Exceptions to be approved by the Vice President for Business Services and/or Controller.

Ineligible Purchases

Expenditures not accepted for reimbursement on Petty Cash Vouchers include:

  1. Salaries and wages
  2. Travel Claims
  3. Items for personal use (i.e., Kleenex, coffee, etc.)
  4. Travel per diem (meals and/or lodging of employees) that should be claimed on a Travel Reimbursement Request

Food/Beverage Expenses

  1. If reimbursement is sought for food via a petty cash voucher, an approved Food Request form must be attached.
  2. Receipts for food or beverage items purchased must also be attached.

For more information please contact (505) 566-3659.