Instrumentation and Controls Technology

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Instrumentation and Controls Technology
3.0 credits INST-140: Applied Basic DC Circuits
Introduction to electrical fundamentals, energy sources, Ohm's law, series, parallel, and series -parallel circuit analysis. Use of digital multimeters and other electronics instruments will be examined.
Prerequisites: MATH-096 or appropriate Math Accuplacer score.
Offered: ALL Faculty Permission Required
3.0 credits INST-144: National Electric Code
This course offers an introduction to the National Electrical Code with a focus on the general portion of the code up to section 100-400, plus 900.
Prerequisites: INST-140
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits INST-145: Applied Basic AC Circuits
Alternating current theory to include impedance, capacitive reactance, and inductive reactance in series, parallel, and series-parallel combination, resonance and impedance in RLC circuits.
Prerequisites: INST-140 and MATH-113 or higher (excluding MATH-114 and MATH-130)
Offered: ALL
5.0 credits INST-160: Digital Electronics
An introduction to combinational and sequential logic circuits, logic gates, Data Bus Control, binary codes, analog to digital and digital to analog conversions. Theory is tested using Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA).
Prerequisites: INST-140.
Offered: SP
5.0 credits INST-171: Motors and Controls
This course offers an introduction to motors and motor controls. Various kinds of AC/DC machines will be investigated including AC motors and alternator, as well as DC motors and generators.
Prerequisites: INST-145.
Offered: FASP
4.0 credits INST-185: Semiconductor Devices
An introduction to semiconductor devices, semiconductor theory, characteristic curves, diodes, zener diodes, bipolar transistors, thyristors and op-amps.
Prerequisites: Take INST-145
Offered: ALL
5.0 credits INST-190: Principles of Industrial Measurement
An introduction to the basic principles of process measurement, including techniques for the measurement of flow, level, temperature, pressure, analytical process variables, and calibration of various transmitters.
Prerequisites: INST-140
Offered: FASP
5.0 credits INST-220: Process Control
Introduction to automatic process control systems that includes: tuning, Feed forward, Feedback and Cascade loops. Also covers calibration of valves, positioners and actuators.
Prerequisites: INST-190
Offered: SPSU
5.0 credits INST-235: Electromechanical Devices
Covers theory and applications of electro-mechanical devices and their associated control circuits. Topics include transducers, pneumatics, and AC motor and controls.
Prerequisites: INST-145. Minimum Grade C.
Offered: ALL
4.0 credits INST-265: Industrial Wiring
This course is designed to develop a student's understanding and skills in the installation and wiring of industrial electrical equipment, in compliance with the National Electric Code.
Prerequisites: INST-144. INST-235 or INST-240. Minimum Grade C.
Offered: FASP
5.0 credits INST-271: PLC Applications
Introduction to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functions including digital and analog applications.
Prerequisites: INST-160
Offered: FALL
3.0 credits INST-284: Print Interpretation
This course covers industrial prints and schematics as used in the industry. Also covered are the basic fundamentals of pumps and compressors.
Prerequisites: INST-190. INST-235 or INST-240. Minimum Grade C.
Offered: SP

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