Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions:

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Enrollment Services

How do I apply?

You can apply for admission Online (FREE) or you can fill out a Printable Application ($10 fee) and turn it in at the Enrollment Services (Admissions and Records) Office. Once you have submitted your application, there is a 2-3 business day processing time. During peak registration times there is a 5-7 business day processing time.

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What is the application fee?

The application fee for submitting an online application is FREE, to submit a paper application the fee is $10

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Is there an application deadline?

San Juan College does not have an application deadline. We do encourage students to apply as soon as they have made the decision to attend SJC. The sooner you turn in your application, the sooner you can register for courses. Courses do fill up fast!

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Does San Juan College require a minimum SAT or ACT score?

San Juan College has an open admission policy; meaning we do not require a minimum SAT or ACT score. We do require new students to take the Accuplacer test to help determine what courses they need to start in.

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Where do I take the Accuplacer Test?

Starting July 7th, 2014 Accuplacer testing will be at the San Juan College Testing Center located in the Information Technology Center Room 7120D

To schedule an exam appointment and complete the preregistration, go to the Testing Center webpage ( ). In the blue box, click on ACCUPLACER. Follow the step-by-step instructions. If you have any questions please contact the Testing Center at 505-566-3139.

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Does San Juan College accept the GED?

Yes, San Juan College does accept students that have completed the GED.

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How do I apply for Financial Aid?

There are many different types of Financial Aid. Please go to the Financial Aid Website to find out more information on how to apply and important deadlines.

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What is my username and password?

Your initial username is your first initial, middle initial, last name (up to 12 letters), and the last two digits of your social security number.

Your initial password is "sjcp" and then the last four digits of your social security number.

If you have any questions please call the Help Desk at 505-566-3266

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How do I print a copy of my unofficial San Juan College transcript?

Printing your San Juan College unofficial transcript is simple, login to Web Advisor and click on Transcripts under "Academic Profile". You will be able to print a copy from there.

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Where do I get a Student ID?

You can get you student ID at the Enrollment Services (Admissions and Records) Office. Your first ID is FREE. Replacement cards are $5.00. You will use your student ID card at the campus Bookstore, Library, HHPC, and to print from campus.

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Where do I pay for my tuition?

Please check the current schedule for information concerning tuition dates and deadlines. Automatic payment plans are available through NelNet ( Additionally, tuition can be paid over the internet, phone (505-566-3396), or in person at the Business Office.

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If I attend San Juan College, will the credits that I receive transfer to another college or university?

Students wishing to transfer credits from San Juan College to another college or university will need to check with the college or university they are wishing to transfer to in order to see if San Juan College courses are equivalent to what is required there. The current San Juan College academic catalog has the course descriptions for each class offered and can be found online at

Transferring Courses to Fulfill the New Mexico General Education Common Core
Referred to as New Mexico Common Course Numbers

General Overview

Students who have decided on a major and/or an institution at which to complete their studies should consult with an academic advisor at that particular institution to determine the most appropriate course selections.  Students enrolling for the first-year of study at a New Mexico college or university and considering possible transfer into a certificate and/or degree program at another institution are encouraged to take the courses approved for transfer during their freshman and sophomore year of study.

The core matrix of approved courses guaranteed to transfer and meet general education requirements of any New Mexico college or university can be found on the New Mexico Higher Education Department website at  Click on the “Colleges and Universities” link, then “Transferring Credits” for a listing of courses by institution, under each of the five general education areas.

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If I submit my application online, how long will it take before I can register for classes?

Once your online application is submitted there is a 24-48 hour processing time (during peak times, this may be longer). Please Note: If you submit your online application on a Friday the 24-48 hour processing time will not begin until the following Monday.

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When can I visit San Juan College?

San Juan College offers Campus Tours for groups of 5 or more with a maximum of 20. You can fill out a Tour Request Form and submit it to the Enrollment Services (Admissions and Records) Office.

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