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Physical Therapist Assistant Program


Upon completion of the online or on-campus PTA Programs at San Juan College, the student will be able to demonstrate entry level competency in the following performance expectations:

  1. Review the plan of care established by the physical therapist prior to initiating patient/client intervention.
  2. Provide safe interventions as directed in the plan of care and supervised by the physical therapist.
  3. Provide effective instruction to the patient/client and others to achieve the goals and outcomes as described in the plan of care.
  4. Collect data to quantify the patient’s/client’s response to interventions as directed and supervised by the physical therapist.
  5. Progress the patient/client interventions through the plan of care.
  6. Complete documentation that follows professional guidelines, health care system, and physical therapy setting policies.
  7. Respond effectively to patient/client and environmental emergencies in the work setting.
  8. Expressively and receptively communicate in a culturally competent manner with physical therapists, patients/clients, family members, caregivers, other health care providers, students, interdisciplinary team members, administrators, payers, and consumers.
  9. Effectively instruct others using teaching methods commensurate with the needs of the learners.
  10. Educate others about the role of the physical therapist assistant.
  11. Utilize human and material institution-based resources and services to provide high-quality, efficient and cost-effective physical therapy services.
  12. Comply with facility procedures and payer regulations consistent with the health care delivery system and the practice settings.
  13. Participate in learning and development activities to ensure continued competence.
  14. Participate in and respond to self-assessment activities.
  15. Participate in clinical education.
  16. Adhere to federal and state legal practice standards and institutional regulations related to patient/client care and fiscal management.
  17. Act in a manner consistent with the Standards of Ethical conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant and Guide for Conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant.
  18. Change behavior in response to understanding the consequences (positive and negative) of the physical therapist assistant’s actions.
  19. Place patient’s/client’s needs above the physical therapist assistant’s self interests.
  20. Exhibit compassion, caring, and empathy in providing services to patient/clients.
  21. Promote active involvement of the patient/client in his/her care.
  22. Identify, respect, and act with consideration for the patient’s/client’s difference, values, preferences, and expressed needs in all physical therapy activities.
  23. Demonstrate behaviors, conduct, actions, attitudes, and values consistent with the roles, responsibilities, and tasks of the physical therapist assistant.
  24. Support and participate in organizations and efforts that promote physical therapy.
  25. Demonstrate integrity in all interactions with patients/clients, family members, caregivers, supervising physical therapists, coworkers, other health care providers, students, other consumers, employers, and payers.
  26. Value and support the physical therapy profession in society.
  27. Demonstrate citizenship.

Derived from the APTA’s A Normative Model of Physical Therapist Assistant Education: Version 2007

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