Commercial Drivers License (CDL)

Commercial Driver's License Programs (CDL)


  Class A Commercial Driver's License Certificate program

Learn about commercial vehicle regulations and master the skills required to pass the New Mexico Class A CDL driving test so you can go to work driving an "eighteen wheeler"!

The San Juan College Class A CDL Program provides students with classroom instruction at the Hutton CDL Training Facility as well as hands-on driving practice at the McGee Park training site and on a variety of roads and highways. Classroom topics include required CDL Manual subjects such as General Knowledge, Air Brakes, and Combination Vehicles, as well as Tanker, Doubles/Triples, and Hazmat endorsements. Also covered are hours of service, weight and balance, vehicle out-of-service regulations, trip planning and National Safety Council professional truck driver DDC. In addition to practicing truck driving skills, students will learn to operate a forklift, install tire chains on a large truck, adjust air brakes and participate in live fire extinguisher training. Class A CDL Program graduates receive a Certificate approved by the New Mexico Department of Higher Education, a Forklift training card, a National Safety Council Professional Truck Driver DDC certificate & card and an Air Brake training card.

After completion of the training, students take the New Mexico CDL driving test at the McGee Park CDL training site. The CDL driving test is scheduled during the 8th week of each class and the exam cost is included in the tuition. Students will normally test in the same truck they were trained in.

Registration for the eight week Class A CDL Program is handled at the

School of Energy Office on the San Juan College Main Campus

5301 College Blvd. Farmington, NM 87402   (505) 566-4100


The Class A Certificate Program is available to New Mexico and Colorado residents only. The following are requirements to enroll:

  • Have a valid Driver's License
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be able to pass DOT Physical (cost is included in tuition)
  • Authorize a DOT drug test history check


Also offered are shorter driving only classes for Class A (entry level), Refresher, Upgrade, Class B and Passenger

  • Short driving classes require students to have a CDL learner's permit (any state)
  • All CDL driving classes require the student to pass a DOT Drug Screen 


Program Classes and Tuition (NM Residents/Out-of-State Residents)

Class A Certificate Program* 8 weeks
280 hours
8:00-5:00 M-F
CDLT 149 (18 Credit Hours)
112 Classroom Hours
168 Hours in the Truck
Limited to 16 students
NM / Out-of-state
$1676.50 / $3596.50


Class A Driving*


4 weeks
160 hours
Entry Level, Class A driving only
Normally 4 students per truck
Class A Permit required (any state)
Space available or special arrangement
NM / Out-of-state
$1062.25 / $1882.25
Class B Program* 1 week
40 hours
Usually limited to 2 students
Class B Permit required (any state)
*Passenger Endorsement is an option
NM / Out-of-state
$494.38 / $804.38
Upgrade (Class B to Class A )* 1 week
40 hours
Scheduled by special arrangement
Class A Permit required (any state)
NM / Out-of-state
$397.63 / $607.63
Refresher (for
prior CDL holders)*
1 week
40 hours
Scheduled by special arrangement
Class A Permit required (any state)
NM / Out-of-state
$421.00 / $681.00
Brush-up (for current
CDL holders without
recent driving
2 days
16 hours
Scheduled by special arrangement
NM / Out-of-state
$214.25 / $374.75
Classroom Classes 1 day
8:00am - 5:00pm
Air Brakes (includes Brake Adjustment)
Hours of Service (Log Book)
Nation Safety Council  Professional Truck Driver DDC Course
Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)
NM / Out-of-state
$116.25 / $226.25
$116.25 / $226.25
$116.25 / $226.25
$136.25 / $246.25
Online CDL Permit Course 4 weeks CDLT 168 is an online CDL Permit Preparation Course 3 credit hour/General Tuition Rate

*Tuition covers CDL Exam

For more information about the training programs call or visit the Hutton CDL Training Facility   907 S. Hutton Rd.   Farmington, NM 87401  (505) 566-4097



CDL Simulator Simulator Trailor

CDL Truck Driving Simulator

The CDL program has a mobile high tech CDL Truck Driving Simulator for student training. It uses state of the art plasma screen displays and can be programmed to simulate a wide variety of vehicle types and training scenarios. It is used to learn basic truck driving skills like shifting, backing and cornering. It is also used for more advanced driver training such as adverse weather conditions, hazard avoidance and defensive driving. In addition, the simulator can be utilized by local companies for refresher training as part of their ongoing safety programs.

State of New Mexico CDL Exams (driving tests)

San Juan College is under contract with the state as a third-party tester for New Mexico CDL exams (driving tests). San Juan College has fourteen state certified CDL Examiners. CDL exams are conducted according to standards described in the New Mexico CDL Manual (online at the New Mexico Taxation & Revenue website - Motor Vehicle Division) and in printed copies at the state MVD Offices.

CDL exams are conducted by San Juan College in Farmington and Gallup and can now be conducted for applicants with CDL permits from other states.

To schedule a CDL exam in Farmington, call the Hutton CDL Training Facility: (505) 566-4097.

To schedule a CDL exam in Gallup, contact Art Burrola at (505) 320-3656.

When: Exams should be scheduled at least 7 days in advance. Testing is normally conducted during daylight hours on weekdays, but weekend testing is done on a limited basis subject to examiner and test site availability.

Where: The exams are conducted at the McGee Park CDL test site in Farmington, and at the Sports Complex parking lot in Gallup.

Cost: $150.00 for the full three-part examination. Payment must be made by money order prior to taking the exam.

Please make the money order out to San Juan College.

The following items must be presented when taking the exam:

  • Valid Driver's License
  • Commercial Learner's Permit (must possess CLP for 14 days before testing)
  • Current DOT Medical Card
  • Evidence of insurance & current vehicle registration
  • Current annual DOT vehicle inspection for the truck or bus (and also for the trailer)

NOTE: The permit holder must be accompanied by a licensed CDL driver if they drive the truck to the test site.

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705, or toll free, (866) 426-1233.