Natural Gas Compression

Natural Gas Compression Program

Natural Gas Compression (AAS.COMP) 63-64 credit hours
Natural Gas Compression (CER.COMP) 32 credit hours

Earn a Certificate in Natural Gas Compression and be on your way to a promising career!

The Natural Gas Compression program is designed to provide technically oriented entry-level students with the basic knowledge of gas compression equipment, and the skills required to efficiently and safely maintain, troubleshoot, and operate compression packages in their areas of responsibility.

In two semesters, students learn the mechanical and technical aspects of compression technology, specifically related to the natural gas industry. Students train in a classroom/shop setting, work with a sponsoring company in the field, and return to the shop to complete the program.


Before you begin, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Take the Accuplacer tests in English, Math (Arithmetic and Algebra), and Reading Comprehension, and earn the minimum required scores: English (40-69); Arithmetic (36-65); Algebra (0-40); Reading (39-57)
  • Take and pass a Drug Screening and a Felony Background Check Program Tracks and Tuition

Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

Certificate 2 Semesters
38 credit hours
4.25 hours/day; 4 days/week
Includes co-op work experience with
sponsoring compression company
NM / Out-of-state
$2,145.00 / $6,185.00
AAS Degree 4 Semesters
66-67 credit hours
Includes co-op work experience with
sponsoring compression company, and
general education courses
NM / Out-of-state
$3,876.00 / $11,056.00



Computer Simulation: 3D Animation

In partnership with BP America, the School of Energy has developed a series of interactive animations that demonstrate compressor operations and the internal workings of the surface equipment. Students will be able, for example, to follow the flow of gas through the compressor skid.

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705, or toll free, (866) 426-1233.