Occupational Safety Program — ONLINE

Advance your professional safety career by earning a college degree!

The online Occupational Safety program provides students a thorough education in the growing field of safety and prepares them for entry level safety positions in a variety of industries. Our online program offers students an opportunity to receive a certificate in Occupational Safety or an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Occupational Safety.

Program Descriptions

Occupational Safety Certificate (18 credit hours) — Online

Upon completion of our core SAFE courses (18 credit hours), Occupational Safety students will earn an Occupational Safety certificate. These core courses provide entry-level training and skills for individuals pursuing the AAS Occupational Safety Degree. Certificate completion indicates basic safety knowledge, and prepares students to become competent safety professionals. Like the AAS degree, the certificate is earned online, affording flexibility for the working student.

Occupational Safety Associate of Applied Science degree (Credit hours of degree vary with catalog year) — Online

The AAS in Occupational Safety allows you to transfer in college credits toward completion of the following degree requirements:

General Education Requirements Credit Hours vary with catalog you begin with
Core Classes (Career Field) 36 Credit Hrs
Total AAS Degree Requirements Credit hours vary with catalog you begin with

TeexSan Juan College has joined with the Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) and Texas A&M University-Commerce to offer safety professionals an exciting opportunity to earn a college degree online. This unique program allows qualified safety professionals who already hold a TEEX Certified Safety & Health Official™ (CSHO) certificate to earn a college degree while holding down a full-time job. Students can receive 18 hours of college credit for the TEEX CSHO certificate and complete degree requirements online through San Juan College and Texas A&M University-Commerce. Students without TEEX CSHO can select 18 credit hours of electives to complete the Career Field requirements.

Students in the process of completing the CSHO may concurrently enroll in the Occupational Safety program. Students without the CSHO are also eligible to enroll in the program; they will complete an additional 18 credit hours of elective Career Field classes in lieu of the CSHO.

Credits for SJC General Education and Core Classes may be earned either online or by conventional classes.


Step 1

Earn an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Occupational Safety from San Juan College, Farmington, New Mexico. Apply online. See the Degree Plans above for a list of required courses. There are three degree plans, Catalog 2008-2011, Catalog 2012 and Catalog 2015. All new students will follow the degree plan in Catalog 2015-2016. If you came under the degree plan in the previous years, Catalog 2008 - Catalog 2011 or 2012, you can elect to go by the old degree plan or switch to the new degree plan (Catalog 2015-2016).

For program information, call Georgia R. Cortez
San Juan College School of Energy
Telephone: (505) 566-3890
Email: cortezg@sanjuancollege.edu

Step 2

If you have a TEEX Certified Safety & Health Official certificate™ contact your institution to send us verification of your certificate.

For information, call 800-723-3811.

Step 3


After a student graduates with an Associates of Applied Science degree from San Juan College they can transfer to Texas A & M Commerce to earn a Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences Degree online from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Talk with your advisor for specific course curriculum that you must take in order to transfer credits to Texas A & M Commerce.

For more information specifically about TAMU-Commerce, please call them at (903) 468-8750.


For more information, please contact Georgia R. Cortez
at the School of Energy, (505) 566-3890.

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705.