Early Admission Program

Early admission is for high school juniors or seniors who are currently enrolled in high school at least half time and have established residency within the four corners and who wish to take college classes while they are still in high school. College classes taken under early admission count only for college credits and will not count toward high school credits. Early admission students are admitted as non-degree seeking and are therefore not eligible for Financial Aid. Below you will find the requirements for an Early Admission student as well as useful forms and resources.


All requests for early admission must be made directly to the Enrollment Specialist of Enrollment Services. The requirements for early admission are outlined below:

  • Submission of a completed application for admission
  • Successful completion of the Accuplacer (college placement test) when registering for courses with English, Reading, and/or Math prerequisites. Note: Must meet all course prerequisites whether or not Accuplacer is required.
  • Interview with the Enrollment Specialist of Enrollment Services
  • Submission of the Early Admission Enrollment Approval Form

Early Admit students may take any course (including online courses) with the exception of classes for audit, developmental and private instruction applied music courses. Early admission status is allowed during each term including Spring, Summer, and Fall.

A review of the student’s file will be conducted once all the documents listed above are submitted and a decision will be made regarding the student's eligibility for Early Admission. Please note: a student with an incomplete file cannot be accepted. Early Admit students must follow all dates and deadlines according to all non-degree seeking students as posted in the current schedule.


For more information or questions please contact the Enrollment Specialist at:
505-566-3532 or senaj@sanjuancollege.edu